More On Magic Qsat Software That Awaken Your Qween

The last magic software really worked wonders for those that uses it. It awaken my Q11G and my friends own back to life. The only problem we encountered was the fact that Q13G was giving an error, NO MATCH FILE, which forces us to run the Q11G version on our Q13G. For those that need an update for Q15G, Q23G, Q11+G, and the rest, the wait is over as I have the version for all Qsat. For those that needs Q11G+  SPHE1506A_Q11G+_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120.bin Q13G , Click here SPHE15XX_Q13G_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120 Read More

What To Do After Updating to the Magic version Q11G v6.10.16


We are all joyous with the advent of the latest version of Q11G that do not only work for Q11G, but all other versions of Qsat. I have successfully upgraded Q13G with this version of Qsat and it works very well. People are getting stuck in the … [Continue reading]

Latest Version Of Qsat Softwares that Worked Wonders Qsat v6.10.16

I posted this late but I know it will be beneficial for those that didn't get when Lemmy Morgan posted it. There is a version of Qsat that finally work wonders by bring the Queen back to life. It's Qv6.10.16. It is for Q11G and Q13G. All you have to … [Continue reading]

Software That Enable me Connect to Server

I had already posted about the software that connect me to Qsat server, but people that downloaded it states that it give an error 'NO MATCH FILE'. I decided to do a little research or will I call it experiment on the other versions of Qsat software. … [Continue reading]