Download New Qsat Update v6.05.16

Qsat has been the Queen this days in terms of DST* channels unscrambling. They are working fervently to ensure that we enjoy the channels as long DST* are greedy, exploiting the African market for bad. The efforts and resources DST* are putting to block this Receivers should have been channel to make it easy for a common man to watch the channels. Yet, they spent millions to cover their loopholes not knowing that it opening other ways for the Chinese to explore. I know Qsat has been off Read More

Tactics to improve traffic for your website

Listed below are some very helpful methods and techniques you can follow to increase traffic to your site. Read on to learn about website trafficking techniques. Sharing your valuable content to the target audience: There is no point creating … [Continue reading]

Rom.bin, Qsat Reviving Software Download

I know it has been hard for you guys easily rename the software and bring back your bricked-Qsat back to life. One of our blog participant and commenter has send the files for you to download and use. If you are using Qsat Q13G, you need to download … [Continue reading]

The New Moto 360 Smartwatch – Just Another Drop in the Smartwatch Sea or A Wave of Its Own?

The smartwatch craze is still officially on the rise and it seems that every techie-tuned company wants to cash-in on the newfangled futuristic stylings of wristwatches that do more than the run-of-the-mill tick-tocking. It wasn’t too long ago that … [Continue reading]

How to revive your dead Qsat after Power Outage

I guess I need to make a post on this. I mean after series of warning that you should not update your Qsat with Power Holding, some people actually went ahead to do so and end up bricking their Qsat.All hope is not lost because after speaking with … [Continue reading]