4 tools that can analyze the growth of your business

You have a business and you have applied all the viable techniques to make it successful. De facto, you would also have utilized the power of social media to make your business flourishing. Nevertheless, are you sure that your social media marketing is working perfectly. All your networks in social media are giving you the results you wanted. Well, if you are sure then good enough, but, if you are just applying methods and do not know about its results. Then, it is high time that you need to control Read More

Pre-Order Blackberry Passport From Jumia Now


Blackberry Passport is here. The exciting gadget has entered the Nigerian market and Jumia is giving you the opportunity to be one of the first that will touch the device. To describe Blackberry Passport briefly, It is the gadget that has 13MP … [Continue reading]

Top 10 Child-Friendly Social Media Sites


Well, if you think that Facebook and Twitter are the only cool social networking sites (SNS), then you are in the wrong path. But if you want the kids to register and use social networking sites, one must be careful to sign them up on these popular … [Continue reading]

MTN Data Price Slash

Data has been subsidized here. Just like the independent promo, you can now browse with your Mtn number at a very cheap rate. Tbis post is to clear a misconception that the data slash was only for 1st October. The data price reduction is ongoing and … [Continue reading]

Get Very Cheap Mtn Data Plan

Are you using android phone? Are you tired of paying heavily for data with your MTN? I have good news for as I have cheap and affordable but reliable Mtn data plan for you. Here is the data plan and the price attached to it. 250mb for … [Continue reading]