7 New Gadgets That Created a Buzz at CES 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show is the annual event where tech companies show off their new gadgets, appliances and occasional comical inventions (smell-based alarm clock, anyone?). This year’s show was exceptional and even months after it, people in the industry are still talking about the different concept technologies. If you missed the show this year, here are 7 of the most noteworthy offerings this year.   Faraday Future Electronic Car This is not just a Glozine technology favorite, Read More

The Must Have Android apps

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3 Great Ways to Reduce the Size of Video Files for a Mobile Phone

Storage can be a painful issue to deal with – especially on mobile phones. As much as the specifications of mobile phones has improved quite a lot over the last decade, storage is one area where they remain fairly limited – with most mobile … [Continue reading]

7 Statistics Plugin for Tracking Your Visitors

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How social media can help you learn and earn?

It is incomprehensible that anyone isn’t using Social Media at the present time. Besides connecting friends and relatives, social media platforms are playing a phenomenal role in carrying through business operations and receiving awe-inspiring … [Continue reading]