4 Ways to Compress Videos and Reduce Their File Size

Anyone who has ever had to store videos will know all too well just how much space they can take. With High Definition (HD) videos the storage requirements were hefty, and now the new 4k standard has upped it further. As such more and more people are starting to find that they need to look at ways to compress their videos and reduce the file sizes so that they can be stored more easily. If you want to compress your videos, you should look into one (or more) of these methods: Reduce the video Read More

New Apps found in Iphones

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How to make a Website Design Company respond to your RFP instantly?

A successful website can’t be created overnight. It requires great planning. Work on it starts way before the project begins and even before contracts are signed. When planning to create a successful website, begin pre-planning and vendor … [Continue reading]

Looking for an innovative app idea? Follow these tricks

app idea

The global app market is touching new heights with each passing day and it is expected that the app economy can touch $101 billion mark by 2020. The app industry is a fertile soil for those who make money as well as are associated with an … [Continue reading]

Top 7 Business Apps for Android

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