The most sought after courses to make you an adept professional

_ Gone are the days when an adequate amount of qualification would help you to into the shoes of your dream role and occupation. With an array of diplomas, certifications bestowing a sorted range of prominent skills have fuelled the competition of grabbing the good job. High cut-offs and grilling job interviews have made it difficult for the candidate to get the job of their choice. Hence, the diplomas and certifications related to employment particularly have become prevalent among the undergraduates Read More

Updates. Azsky Goodnews

It has been a while. I specifically wanted to post when there is a new update in the world of dongle. Qsat has been working for the past 1 month or two. Though, it's not all the stations that are working but we can still enjoy the one showing and … [Continue reading]

Updates on Qsat and Qsat Accounts

We are finally back from the dark ages. The era DST V attacked our darling dongle and impede our viewing rights for more than three (3) months is over. Qsat is finally back to reign. It maybe a game plan to come back when English Premiership has … [Continue reading]

Qsat Update for Q15G and Q23G

For those who are using Q15G, the software for update is here. You can update your Qsat and enjoy the online service it promises. To download the update for Q15G, click here There is also a software for Q23G that will update your firmware … [Continue reading]

How to Solve No Match File Error in Q23G

It is wide known that some people cannot install or update the latest Qsat software because it prompt error No Match File. The simple solution to this problem is to downgrade your Q23G to the lowest version maybe v6.03 and then try to upgrade with … [Continue reading]