The New National e-ID Card

President Goodluck Jonathan recently launched a new National e-card. The new e-ID card which is powered by MasterCard is a multi-purpose card for identification, electronic signatures, and can be used for depositing money, withdrawing and making payments. So it’s both an ID card and ATM. The first phase of the project will see 13million Nigerians issued the card while the next phase will target 100million Nigerians. The project is a partnership with MasterCard, the Nigerian National Identity Read More

Qsat Updates as at 23th August, 2014

What a roller coaster trip with Qsat. Coming on and off anytime especially when there is a Big Live Matches. But we all know that Qsat will be On forever. We have to be patience with the Chinese to perfect their exploits on DSTV. Presently Qsat is … [Continue reading]

Combat Bounce Rate Of A Website With These 8 Simple Tips

If you own a website, you would agree that bounce rate is the enemy of any webpage. If your website has a high bounce rate, consider it an alarming situation and take action right away. Bounce rate basically tells you how many people visited your … [Continue reading]

Nokia X2. The Latest X Series of Nokia Android


If you are currently enjoying Nokia X, then will be happy at the sight of the latest Nokia X2. Nokia X2 is the last of the X Series of Nokia Android that entered Nigeria. The first one was Nokia X, Nokia XL follows and now the Nokia X2. Nokia … [Continue reading]

Update on Qsat

Yesterday I made a post about qsat with inbuilt account going off on the 15/08/14 yes it was a fact that I received message which I decided to pass across though a lot of you, most especially those who resell account got me wrong I don't care and my … [Continue reading]