6 Easy Steps To Disable Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection from Windows 8

With so many problems on the internet it’s no surprise that a lot of people have trouble keeping their systems updated and in check. This is especially the case with new Windows 8 users, despite the fact that Windows 8 is pretty easy to use – once you get the hang of it at least.

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Issues such Trojans, keystroke loggers, bugs, and viruses keep people on their toes. And it would be a real shame if people never made the best out of what windows 8 has to offer when it comes to malware and spyware protection. What rootkit (and other vicious programs) does is that it can install hazardous drivers that start initially at the boot process. If malware is launched at this stage it gets impossible to detect without some use of special means. And so if you have Windows 8 you can use the Early Launch Anti-Malware protection. However, sometimes Windows may be stopping a driver which is not malware but classified as one from loading and hence disrupting the launch of Windows.

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Thankfully, you can disable the Early Launch feature, launch Windows and then run a complete system virus scan and get rid of the malware. Once you are done cleaning up the system you can simply reboot. Upon reboot the feature will be enabled again and hence your system will go back to being protected. Simple enough? Here are 6 steps to help you do it.

1.       The first thing that you need to do is type Advanced on your Windows 8 Start Screen. When the search comes up then you can click on the Settings category.

2.       From here the Advanced Startup Options will come up. Click it and the screen will display General PC Settings. From here scroll down all the way to the bottom until you see the Advanced StartUp option. From here you need to click the Restart now button and Windows 8 will restart. Once your computer is restarted, without you doing anything, it will go into the Advanced Startup options.

3.       Once the Advanced Startup options come up, click on the Troubleshoot option and then right afterwards the Advanced options button. Now before you will be a new option of Startup settings. You need to click this.

4.       Once you do this you will arrive at the Startup Settings screen and from there you need to click on the provided restart button. Your computer will again restart and this time be brought into the Startup Settings menu, which will give you a list of options to choose from.

5.        The 8th option will be ‘Disable Early Launch Anti-Malware protection’.  All you need to do is press the 8 button on your keyboard. What this will do is launch Windows but with the early launch malware disabled.

6.       You can now login Windows and update whatever you need to update and scan your system completely for malware and spyware. However, you should remember that rebooting your Windows 8 would mean automatic enabling of Early Launch Anti-Malware Protection. So you may want to remember how to do this for future use.

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