Airtel Nigeria: The Nigeria Cheapest Bundle and Blackberry Service

Airtel Nigeria is the best Nigeria telecommunication that offer cheap data bundle to its customers. The telecommunication network in the likes of MTN, Glo, Etisalat have been competing all this while in terms of calls and data bundle.

Comparative analysis of the different data bundle and blackberry service, it is discovered that airtel win the race. And today, I want to write about the three 3 plans that are simply the best and cheapest in Nigeria.


Airtel Social Month and Complete BIS Subscription is one of the cheapest data subscription plan in Nigeria. It offers its subscribers the opportunity of using or having 1GB for a meagre sum of N1200.

Comparing this to other networks, Mtn data plan only allows 200mb for that N1000,  Glo offers 250MB for N1000, and the same can be said about Etisalat.

If you really want to enjoy the Airtel Social Month for Blackberry, It can work with any device

Text ‘socialmonth’ to 440

Or you can text bsm to 440.

You will get a prompt response that you have subscribe for the blackberry service. Then, you are good to go



The latest promo in airtel now makes it the best and most cheapest data service provider in Nigeria. The airtel blackberry service that enable one to subscribe for 2 months blackberry service and get the third month free.

Imagine you subscribe to this offer. Who will have a whooping 3Gb for only N2800. Isn’t this cool?

To subscribe for this package, send the text bcm3 to 440

If you love to browse with unlimited data for 3 months, send the text bismonth3 to 440 and remember, you will be charged N6000 for the BB Absolute Plan

So friends, if you really want to browse with a cheap yet fast and reliable data plan, airtel is your choice. I have been using it for a while now, it hasn’t failed me yet and it will not fail you.

If you have any question to ask about the bundle plans in airtel or any other services, kindly drop it in the comment box below.



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  1. anon says:

    are u sure the absolute plan gives unlimited data access? On airtelsite it says 1gig.

  2. Why you dont send back sms to us when we recharge to your subcrition

  3. Gabriel says:

    Which of the plans you mentioned above works with any handset?

    1. Social month?
    2. N2,800. 3G two months plan?
    3. N6,000. unlimited plan?

  4. admin says:

    Gabriel, the two plans can work conveniently on a mobile handset. Airtel do not restrict

  5. wat do u know about mtn unlimited blackberry plan

  6. Baron Ebube Adigwe says:

    Pls if u ar a heavy data user like me dat can end up using 10gig a month dehn sugest u use etisalat unlimited plan 4 just 1500.

  7. Henry Okafor says:

    Can it work on ma Android fone, HTC to b precise.

  8. KCYNHO says:

    please I want to know if this Airtel 2800 for 3GB that last for 3 months is still in existence n also if the BB Absolute plan can be used in a modem and a non BB smartphone?

    • Essien says:

      The Airtel N2800 for 3GB is still active and if you have used it before, you will not be eligible. Airtel Blackberry can be use in a modem because airtel use only one access point.

  9. pls my qsat is nt showin wat i do pls…..

  10. Friday Paul says:

    wat do u know about airter unlimited blackberry

  11. I have a question about the piece, where am i able to contact the writer?

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