Business Opportunities To Tap in Nigeria

Nigeria has been so undeveloped or underdeveloped because we are constantly relying on the government to provide our basic needs. In order to overturn this, we must strategically analyse different business opportunities one can easily venture in and make a whole lot of money from it with little or no reliance on the government.

I know, starting a business require capital. Capital is the major reason why people really don’t start something. They believe that starting a business required a hundreds of thousand. You don’t really have to wait to have a million to start something. You gotta start with the little you have and grow with it.

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The advantage of growing in business is that it will enable you to gain necessary experience to manage and control your investments, opportunity and business. Now let’s look at the possible business one can venture into in Nigeria and make cool money from it.

  • Poultry Farming And Catfish Farming

Poultry and Catfish Farming may look like a dirty work, but guys, if it properly harnessed, managed and executed, you are a millionaire. Have you ever wondered how many hotels, restaurant, eateries etc. are present in Nigeria? All you have to do is to choose your market, look for the region that has a high need for consumption of fish or chicken, work on the market and fly.

The basic advantage you have is that food is a basic amenity. Everyone needs to satisfy that urge with time. So look out for your market, sell your products and make some cool money.

You may need some training in Poultry farming and Catfish Farming before you actually set up a place. You don’t have to be worried because, my next post will be how to start a Catfish Farming  

  • Importation Of Phones, Tablet and Computers

This is one of the top secret way of making money in Nigeria. Can you imagine getting an android tablet for for $199 that is like N30,500 and got to sell it for N70,000 or more. Is that not a 100% turnover? Isn’t that business cool? Yea, there are lots of website you can get the tablets, phone, etc. from online, they will ship the goods to you and you sell it off here and make your cool $$

If you really need this website, you can contact me here

  • Bus Services

When I say bus business, you don’t need to have 10 buses to start making money in bus service. But having a bus can change your life. Start a transport business is not a easy thing because you will more than a bus, you will need a terminal, driver, etc. But if you have a bus, what you have to do is to franchise the operation.

Franchising the operations mean, you can meet the major bus service to partner with you. They will provide you with driver, terminal, fuelling etc. In other word, they manage your bus for you and pay you the agreed returns on the proceeds the bus make. The advantages is well stated because you are not running the cost of the transport services. Of course, you have to share the profit.

You can also make huge money from the below business opportunity

  • Cyber Cafe
  • Schools

  • Haulage and logistics

  •  Alternative power:

I will really need to write about this. Have you ever taught about the alternative source of power in Nigeria? Do you know what that knowledge will give you? Do you know what an average Nigeria spend on fuelling a generator? Just take a training on Solar energy, spend a lot on that training because you will not regret it

Just take a moment, practice and adopt one or more of the above strategy, you will not regret doing so



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