Cheapest Phone Call Rate In Nigeria: Case Study of MTN, Glo, Airtel And Etisalat

I like the way the telecommunication industries in Nigeria are competing in terms of call rates, data bundles etc. these days. Call prices have been slashed down to the barest minimum. We keep believing that it will continue to reduce to the extent that everyone can make call.

Due to the decrease in the call rates, I have decided to make a comparative analysis of the Call Rate in Nigeria so as to identify the best or the cheapest call plan one can easily adopt and minimize cost. We will be checking the Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel latest call plan and rates, and also compare, analyze and identify the one that best suit us.


banner smoothtalkinner Cheapest Phone Call Rate In Nigeria: Case Study of MTN, Glo, Airtel And Etisalat

Mtn or as mostly called, “Empty Hen” recently introduced MTN Smooth Talk. Mtn Smooth Talk is the cheapest call plan in the MTN network. The MTN Smooth Talk is a special prepaid package that offers you discounted call rate of 20k/s for your MTN2MTN and MTN2Other calls after you pay a daily access fee of NGN5.00.

How cool is this?

You get to call any network at the flat rate of 20k/s

So, how can you migrate to Mtn Smooth Talk

Migration code: 401 to 131, *401# or *123#

To cancel automatic renewal, Text OFF to 131

To renew subscription dial *401*1# or ON to 131



The Call Plan in Glo that take the day is Glo 1derful
Glo 1derful offer is a prepaid tariff plan which rewards the customer with free minute on a call for every minute spent on the call. The customer pays for one minute and gets the next minute of that call free, irrespective of the call being onnet or offnet.

glo logo1 Cheapest Phone Call Rate In Nigeria: Case Study of MTN, Glo, Airtel And Etisalat


  • Pay for one minute, Glo pays for the next minute of the call
  • Effective rate as low as N7.50/min for onnet calls and N12.50/min for offnet calls
  • 20 FREE Glo-to-Glo SMS per month
  • 10% to 20% FREE Glo-to-Glo Bonus Talktime on every recharge of N 1000 & above
  • 35 Hours FREE Glo-to-Glo Talktime per week, from 12 midnight to 5 am, upon usage of N 500 in previous week
Call Rates:

Glo to Glo N15 / min
Glo to Any Network N25 / min

How to Subscribe / Migrate
New and existing customers need only follow the instructions below to enjoy the wonderful package:
Dial *100*11*1#
Send or Reply 1 to confirm


Etisalat EasyLife 3.0 is a tariff plan that lets you call anyone, anytime on any network in Nigeria and also call anyone, anytime in US (mobile and land line), UK (land line), Canada, China & India for just 20k per second with a daily access fee of N5 instead of daily access fee of N20 been charged on Etisalat EasyLife 2.0.

In addition, EasyLife 3.0 gives you 1 MB worth of FREE browsing daily (30MB in one month) and 30% on all recharges within 30days for new customers to call all networks.

So, How Do I Migrate to Etisalat EasyLife 3.0 ?
*420*1# is the code to dial if you want to migrate to EasyLife 3.0


Comparing these three 3 plans from  different network. Can you tell me which one is the best?

Judging from the number of MTN numbers I have as my contact, I will certainly go for MTN.

What about you?

Kindly use the comment form to let us know

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  1. l will go for mtn , l think it is the best for me.

  2. Mefun Tosco says:

    I will go for all but glo is still the best as for me.

  3. Mefun Tosco says:

    I want to do business with glo as well as mtn, I want to print recharge cards with good machine. Any assistant, advice and help?

  4. Saidu Abubakar says:

    I steal they with my every where u go is vex MTN Naija

  5. Skanty says:

    What about mtn cheapest call rate for mtn to mtn calls not to other networks

  6. Etisalat easyflex is the cheapest… many minutes do u get with mtn 1000..assuming u use it in 3 days, subtract 15 naira for access charge and u are left with 985..20k per sec translates to 12 naira a minute so divide 985 by 12 to get the minute value over 3 days= 82 minutes…however on etisalat 1000 on easyflex gives u 3750 to call allvntwork at 40k per sec with no daily access charge …40k multiplied by60 gives 24 naita per minute…divide 3750 by 24 naira = 156 minuets to call all network..that's double mtn offer

  7. Nkom says:

    Hayyy Nigerians the earlier we realize ourselves d better4 us d@ MTN network is robbery network. If they give u free bonus 4example double ur recharge, they will take their bonus including ur own airtime even if its remaining 1,000 in ur main balance( I.e weekend bonus @6PM . Expires @ 11:59PM on Sundays) MTN can never give out free SMS or free second, infact nothing free with MTN. MTN don’t even know celebration time like new year or Christmas, MTN don’t believe der are less privileged people but GLO does. Who wants to be a millionaire? Is still d rich d@ win hmmmmm its well but my believe is d@ one day, d moon/sun n stars shall bow for Joseph. GLO just keep being real.

  8. okeke says:

    Mtn need to be shot down they are evil

  9. afedem says:

    Glo keeps ruling their world joor.

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