Glo Bolt HSI, Glo Rewarding Data Users

Glo has introduced the better version of its browsing plans, price, modem and services. Glo Bolt is now the watch word, keyword in terms of data usage and plans.

The Glo Bolt is a self portal that can allow users to access it’s unique services like Sharing of data, sending it has a gift, additional number of data, etc. The Glo Bolt comes with it’s modem. The Modem that will support Glo High Speed Internet thereby replacing the old Glo Net Pro Modem.

Did I say that you can activate your internet subscription in this portal? Yes, and not only that, you can renew, cancel, share and manage your data bundle subscription in the Glo Bolt Plan.

Why Glo Bolt?

Of course, this is the question everyone will be asking. How is it different from other plans from other network? The good news is that Glo Bolt is actually better because

  • You have the opportunity to share your data subscription with your friends and love ones. Instead of subscribing for everyone, you subscribe and share it to your friend thereby reducing cost without risking the quality of the service.
  • You can buy a data plan and give your friends as a gift. Isn’t this cool?
  • Data Roll Over. Your data cannot expire again. It definitely roll over to another plan when you subscribe. Later, you will have to download so as to finish your data, but now, you don’t have to be worried cos your data is still intact
  • 30% Instant Bonus on subscription. This is so cool in that you get a whooping 30% for subscribing to any plan in the Glo network.

13MB for Instant Surf (N100 plan) instead of 10MB

65MB for This Week (N400 plan) instead of 50MB

260MB for Always Micro (N1000 plan) instead of 200MB

1.5G for Always Macro(N3000 plan) instead of 1Gig

4Gigs for Always Min (N5000 plan) instead of 3Gigs

8Gigs for Always Max (N7500 plan) instead of 6Gigs

  • Free Internet Access for 6 months. New modem activations will get 500MB data free of charge INSTANTLY and free internet access for 6 months. Free internet is available to customers who subscribe to a plan of N1,000 or more. They will get an additional 200MB added to their subscription volumes free of charge for 6 months

So guys, gladly accept the great offer from Glo and enjoy the fastest, most flexible data plan in the Country



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