How I Unlock Etisalat ZTE MF631 Modem

I just a got a new Etisalat Modem after trying hard to unlock my Glo Bolt Modem. If you have a Glo bolt, I don’t think there is a way to unlock it. But if you want a modem that you can unlock, then you can choose Glo NetPro Modem. You can read up

How I Unlock My Glo NetPro Modem 

And now, how I unlock my Etisalat Modem,   You need to download Dc Crap Modem Unlocker

  • Open the application in your laptop or computer device. You will have the screen as shown below

dc crap


  • Now insert your modem with a wrong sim into your computer. It will show you, insert unlock code, ignore the message and open your dc crap modem unlocker.
  • Select the type of modem you have. In this case, choose ZTE, and click on the search button. The type of modem you are using will be shown here.
  • After confirming the type of your modem, you will click on the unlocking button at the right hand side of the dc unlocker.
  • Click finally on the unlock modem button to unlock your Etisalat modem

This method can also be use to unlock Airtel ZTE Modem, and MTN ZTE Fastlink. Though to unlock MTN Hauwei 303 modem, you need dc-unlocker credit to unlock it.

I hope this tutorial is of help to you has you browse unlimited without restriction.



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  3. Joseph says:

    pls master help me out my modem is etisalat zte mf631, IMEI: 861424011725637, EAN: 6934933014114, PLS u can send my unlocking code to .Thanks

    • admin says:

      Joseph, I will need to have Modem physically to unlock the modem. Just follow †нε post above, download †нε dc-unlocker, follow †нε steps απδ unlock it

  4. chijioke says:

    Do we have to register with Dc Crap Modem Unlocker?
    It keeps asking me for username and password

  5. Emma says:

    doesn’t work for me. requests username and password.

  6. micheal says:

    pls ooo. admin i try installing the application it keeps asking me dat unikey.dll is not present pls what can i do pls.

  7. Hi,thanks for d tip,but after I unlocked my modem it seems not to dectect any sim card anymore.what can I do

  8. Hi,thanks for d tip,but after I unlocked my modem it seems not to dectect any sim card anymore.what can I do?

  9. sola says:

    Hi,thanks for the tip but after I unlocked myZTE etisalat modem it sim not to be able to dectect any simcard even etisalat sim.What can I do?

    • admin says:

      Sola, sometimes ZTE modem doesn’t detect SIM sometimes, what you have to do is to remove your Modem, uninstall the programme and re-install it again. That will work for you

  10. Adeniyi Omole says:

    please can you help me unlock my etisalat modem, the software after download is not working on my system.

  11. how can get dc credit.

  12. heritage says:

    After i tried it, my modem is now asking me to install application again and is blinking red light. Pls what can i do pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Essien says:

      If you have followed the stated instructions, it should unlock. Insert another sim, try if it has unlock, if it hasn’t, follow the steps stated to unlock it

  13. Albert says:

    Big bro!! Please do u know if i can unlock zte glo bolt (MF667)? I’ll like to purchase the modem bcos of it’s 21.6Mbps speed. Thanks..

    • Essien says:

      Presently, you cannot unlock GLO bolt. If u need a universal modem, buy Airtel or etisalat cos it can be unlocked. Thanks

  14. Segun Cole says:

    MTN Modem

    IMEI: 356181043436359

    ZTE Model : MF667

    S/N : 323331761F14

  15. samcvole says:

    MTN Modem

    IMEI: 356181043436359

    ZTE Model : MF667

    S/N : 323331761F14

  16. Rainey says:

    I tried this out on my etisalat and it said failed and no username found… what is to be done?

  17. Emmanuel says:

    All I get is error, meaning what

  18. sagir umar says:

    pls, help me send me unlock code for my modem
    model MF 631 ZTE etisalat modem
    IMEI 359538038034258

  19. You can buy the DC-Credit @

  20. olabode says:

    pls after hitting the unlock button,just below the search button is written
    unlocking,please wait…..
    no username!
    error code 63
    unlock failed

    pls what should I do next?

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