How To Apply For Institute of Chartered Accountant Of Nigeria, ICAN

Are you a graduate? Do you want to be a member of a Professional body? Then I will recommend you register for ICAN. ICAN, as being officially known in Nigeria means Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. It is a body according to their mission statement, which produces world-class Chartered Accountants, regulate and continually enhance their ethical standards and technical competence in the public interest.


I am not here to bored you about the meaning of ICAN but to show you why you should be a Chartered Accountant and guide you on how you will apply for ICAN

Why Apply For ICAN?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a graduate in Accountant for you to apply for ICAN. In fact, the best student of ICAN always emerges from Engineering background. So why apply for ICAN?

  • You may apply for ICAN because you need a Career in Accounting. To be a professional Accountant, having an ICAN certificate is a major step in your career. You may be working in a bank, auditing firm, etc. and you really need to boost your career, then ICAN is what you really need.
  • ICAN Membership will act as a shield for you as a Chartered Accountant. It will be a body that protects, guide you and enable you to stand tall in your career.

How To Apply For ICAN Membership?

Of course, the first step of being a Chartered Accountant is to apply. You are required to write examination and pass before you will be inducted. Below are the basic steps you can take to apply for ICAN.

  1. You will be required to obtain a Pin from Zenith Bank at the rate of N7000.00. Just walk up to the nearest Zenith Bank Branch, tell the Teller that you need an ICAN Registration Pin, after filling your deposit slip, pay N7000, and wait for your Pin which will be given to you in less than 3 minute. I love that bank.
  2. Log on to ICAN Website that is written on the PIN, the Teller gave you. You will also be required to use information on the pin to log on to the website.






For further enquiry, Contact

If you are found wanting in any of the steps below, then use the comment form below to ask question, I will be here to answer them

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  1. udogu solomon says:

    please where can we find ican office here at ogun state. And how can we go about the registration here at ogun state

    • admin says:

      To apply for ICAN in Ogun, you just have to follow the above stated procedure. Just get a chartered Accountant to help you endorse your application and send it to the laison office in Lagos.

      • sedgwick Iyasere says:

        When do you get to call yourself a chartered accountant, is it when you pass the exam or there is still more steps to do before you become a chartered accountant. Please let me know. Asap.

        • Essien says:

          After passing the exams, you will be called for induction. After induction, you are now a Chartered Accountant

      • Mba says:

        What about someone here in Surulere, How can he locate ICAN office to submit his

    • abanishe adeola says:

      dear admin, as a graduate of economics, is it compulsory to apply for exemption, as i want to write every papers at foundation level without being exempted. thanks

  2. I have my pin and SNo but the site to use is what I don't know. any tip will be appreciated. thanks

  3. Pascal, after paying in the bank, u will have your Pin and Serial Receipt Number. Use that details on this link , Go then to copy your S/N Number and follow the prompt.

  4. Auwal Salihu says:

    Please i don’t understand what it means by some one using AAT result should pay 23,500,what is AAT result?

    • admin says:

      Sure Auwal, as far as your school is accredited, they will exempt you from writing Foundation and Intermediate. I wish you success.


  6. I have filled the application process form and has been certified by my referee but other results was not certified and I have posted it to no 25 association avenue, by obanikoro bus stop, ilupeju lagos since february 28, 2013 without a response yet. what can I do?

  7. Adewale, you have to be patient. There will soon contact you to give your ICAN Student number.

  8. Ikre onome vivian says:

    I am an undergraduate of accountin n finance in delta state university, abraka. Cn i apply for the form? Is there a branch in delta state? What is AAT?

    • admin says:

      u can apply Vivian. As an undergraduate, you dont need to start from AAT. Just register for ICAN at once

  9. Pls I don't have national ID care, can I use voter card number inplace of it?

  10. essien says:

    Sure Ʋ can use it. I left that column blank Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡n̲̅ my own

  11. Ejeomo Mercy says:

    i am a Science Laboratory Technologist and am working now, can i take the ICAN courses online and for how long?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think you can take ICAN course on line. Try and register for ICAN, look for a study centre and enrol, prepare, read and write your exams. I wish you success

  12. grace says:

    I have a degree in economics, what level do I register for? I graduated from A B U, zaria..

    • admin says:

      Grace, what you have to do is to apply for Foundation Level, Then apply for Waiver in Economics, Ʋ will have to Financial Accounting and Business Law

  13. grace says:

    I have a degree in economics, what level do I register for? I graduated from A B U, zaria..can I use driver’s licence to register?

  14. Ologe Elijah says:

    How do I know if I have been exempted

  15. OKEKE JULIET says:


    • admin says:

      U are in order. Paydirect can be done in any Bank. Just use the piN and serial number, go to ICAN website and proceed ur application

  16. OKEKE JULIET says:

    where can i find an ican office in anambra state. i have a in economics. am I entitled to any exemption? PLS I BOUGHT AN ICAN PIN FROM FIDELITY BANK INSTEAD OF ZENITH BANK, HOPE AM STILL IN ORDER?

    • admin says:

      Which university did Ʋ graduate from? Ʋ will surely get exemption on Economics. Ʋ will write only Financial accounting απδ Business Law in Foundation.

      Ʋ will exemption from ICAN head office in Lagos, go to ICAN website for Clarification or Ʋ can comment here if Ʋ need any assistance.

      Cheers απδ thanks for visiting Naijatips

  17. I m a graduate of accounting education n I want to put in for ICAN.will I b exempted n wot is d cost?tnx

  18. Nwafor Emeka Victor says:

    Dear Admin, I’ve registered, and have printed out the form. But later I discovered that there was a mistake, I typed the date that I was given admission instead of the date that I graduated, what can I do?

    • admin says:

      Nwafor Emeka, you will have to call their customer care and let them know because ICAN will verify the authenticity of your details and result before approving you

  19. olatunji musiliu says:

    Please sir can I apply as an o’level result holder because I have not gain admission into any university,so I decided to put in for institute of chartered accountant of Nigeria because I have passion for it.

  20. at wat time do I pay my exemption fee

  21. Okafor Ernest says:

    Pls admin, i have B.Sc (ed) in Accountancy. From UNN. But i used NBC (National Business Certificate) from NABTEB. Will i be admitted into the professional exams. And is the pin on sale now?

  22. aishat says:

    I’m a graduate of economics from Madonna university. Where would I start from? How much is the total fee I would pay excluding form fee. Also a friend who’s is a philosophy graduate, where would she start from?

  23. Amaka says:

    Pls i want to know if the Ican form is available now.

  24. blessing says:

    Pls sir,I’m an undergraduate studing statistics in aau bt will be graduating dis year,i want to register for ican pls when will d registration start and where will i start from.

    • admin says:

      registration is on and it never stops because it is web-based. the next exams will be on November. Follow the above step and apply

  25. Emmanuel Ityodugh says:

    can I still get ican form?

  26. Emmanuel Ityodugh says:

    is ican form still out?

  27. yusuf ola hashim says:

    dear admn., am hashim yusuf , i studied accounting from Fed. Poly Bauchi,i just finished my youth service this june and like to enroll for Nov. diet of ICAN, but i know dont whether school certificate would be needed for the registration as my school has not been issue cert except statement of results

    • Essien says:

      yea, you will need to scan your school certificate as part of the requirement. You can get it from your secondary school

  28. k boy says:

    pls admin, i lost my pin, hw can i regenerate it. i need your assistance on this

  29. Faith Torti says:

    I’m a graduate of accounting, UNIPORT. Like how much in total can I keep to write ICAN,d texts and all cos I’m planning to start May next year. Thanks

  30. Ùmar Arabo says:

    Pls sir,i’m a graduate of Accounting from UNIMÄID while our result is not yet out and i want to register for ICAN what can i do now?

    • Essien says:

      you can still apply but I think you will start with the lower stage like ATSWA. If you wait and collect your result, you will start from PE1.

  31. Omotoso Taiwo says:

    I have in Accounting from EKSU. kindly give me the assummed amount or cost of being a Chartered Accountant. I mean the amount to be expended during the duration of the course.kindly Email me on this pls.

    • Essien says:

      You need to know the overall price. I think you should take it one at a time. You should be more concern about the starting price and not the overall price.

  32. odoemelam nnebuchi says:

    pls am confused,i want to pay for exemption will they also give me a pin for these

  33. Does it mean that I will have to begin from foundation, because my school has not been accredited by ICAN.

  34. Gilbert says:

    Do I have to begin from foundation? I’m a graduate in accounting, but my school is not accredited yet.

    • Essien says:

      i guess so Gilbert. You won’t have any problem passing the exams since you are Accounting student

  35. they should reply you through your email. If they haven't, you have to go their office to lodge your complaint

  36. when you are ready to write the exams

  37. that will be so

  38. mayor says:

    Am a graduate of Industrial chemistry from UNILORIN and I have MBA in finance,where will I start from? Is it foundation?

  39. leks says:

    After filling the form and getting refrees wat do I need to add to the forms and whr will I submit to? I studied economics. Is it after iv been verified by Ican bfr I pay for exmption? Can I pay for exemption dis year and write exams nxt year? Then how u do I know if I’m exempted. Tnks sir

    • Essien says:

      After filling the form, submit your form to ICAN office in Lagos. Wait for you to be granted a student before you can pay for your exemption. Since you studied Economics, you will be granted exemption in Economics. you can write your examination anytime you want

  40. kenneth onwumelu says:

    please can you help send all reqiurement to register for ican.

  41. Pls I ve ANAN, from which stage do I start?

  42. McWin Aj says:

    #…hi Bose, I guess it's final stage or last module# persives u cld get dwn to thr web site "ICAN" & double check# gd luck x 🙂

  43. Tnx

  44. Abdulazeez Jamiu says:

    PE TWO

  45. Abdulazeez Jamiu have u done urs?

  46. Where can a ND holder in accounting from accredited school start from, will such student be exempted from the #23,500 nd intermidiay exam?

  47. maureen says:

    I studied banking nad finance.which level will I start from and which subject will I be exemted from?

  48. lora says:

    what are the requirement to start ATS and as ND holder In Accounting do have to start ATS.

  49. pls essien aw du I apply I have paid 7000 at zenith bank. pls I nid directions.

  50. seun says:

    Please i have a BSC(ED) in Accounting from TASUED and the school is noy yet accredited.
    am eager to start my ICAN soonest. can you advice me on what to do?



  52. Adenekan omowunmi says:

    Hello, I have a BSC in economics from Babcock university and I have also done some series of ICAN exams , so pls would I continue to do more and what are the exemptions and membership requirement.

  53. Tony says:

    Urgent pls!!! I studied banking n finance and am currently doing my nysc program,i would like to write this coming nov exam but am told that i need my transcript to register.pls is there any other document to use in place of the transcript? And can one read on his own to pass these exams?thx a bunch n good job sir

    • Essien says:

      You don’t need transcript to write the exams. Just follow the post on how to register for the exams. Cheers

  54. shedrach says:

    what re the subject combination starting with o level result and hw many exams will i write all together?

  55. PATIENCE says:

    i am a 200 level student of accounting in benin, i would like to register for ICAN,pls hw will i go abt the process, from the registration,lecture centres,tuition fees,exemption fees and so on…

  56. tosin says:

    Wat do u mean by ATT pls?am a final year student of unilorin geography and envoronmental management,pleases where do i start from and am i exempted 4rm doin any course?

  57. oluwole says:

    pls if you want register for ican with bsc,what stage will u start form

  58. Eunice says:

    Pls what is AAT?

  59. good day, please I need help on how to get A chartered Accountant to help me sign my form for me plssss oooo

  60. please I really want help…….. my number is 08109678426 and my pin is 2817cd92

  61. I am based in Lagos State……. please help me oooooooo

  62. theophilus Oghuvwu says:

    I past my PE1 1996 and later go back to UNILAG to obtain Bsc in accounting i want to come back to ICAN to finish what i started 1992 please where do i start from.

  63. Treasure says:

    Pls admin, I studied Library and Information Science and have gone for my service. I want to register for ICAN, how do I go for it, which level am I starting with and how much is the starting fees minus the 7000 for registration? Thanks
    Pls I need reply to know if am starting up immediately

  64. pls where can we find ican office in delta state.

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    due to it’s fastidious articles

  66. I'm a graduate of Accounting, will liek to know if I'm exempted

  67. I mean, If I'm to go straight to PE1. if so, what is the next step for me to take?

  68. am a graduate of Accounting Education from UNAD, and I want to put in for ICAN, will I be exempted?

  69. Good Morning, as a graduate of accounting education applying for ICAN, what phase will i start and will i have to take courses b4 the exam. i hav'nt gone for service yet, hope it won't affect me?

  70. plz reply to my email thankz

  71. Hammed Yusuf says:

    Am just an Nd holder how can i go about the registration,to become an ICAN member

  72. oyegoke says:

    pls i am graduate of mathematics from olabisi onabanjo university, pls if i want to start ican where will i start from, i have third class in mathematics

  73. cajetan iwuamadi says:

    i’m a graduate of banking/finance what level will I start and requirement for ican application

  74. yakubu jibrin says:

    Am a holder of HND in accounting from Federal Poly Damaturu, can I apply for ICAN?

  75. samuel says:

    As a graduate from a reputable university, how much is the total sum i need to pay to start up with ican including the exemption money. but the tuition should be excluded.

  76. anne says:

    Can I apply for ICAN, still been an undergraduate. Am a final year student of statistics department.

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  78. chinma says:

    Gud day sir,as a graduate of accounting in unn. I av my statement of result and the certificate is not out yet.wht level will I start and the reguirment. Pls need reply soon need 2 register Jan 2014

  79. chinma says:

    Heloo sir am stil waiting ooo

  80. patrick says:

    pls i nid help,am a 200level student of accounting department nd i wch to apply 4 ICAN exam.wch level will i start?

  81. I registered for ican some years ago but never got any information about my application hence I forgot about it after the demand of my new taking all my time. Though after about 3 or 4 years I was sent a letter to pay up all my outstanding dues. So now I wish to continue kindly advice what to do. Thanks

  82. I am a graduate of Accounting from Lasu,I wish to register for ICAN.Wat re my possible exemptions & which tutorial center in Lekki axis can i attend. Plz inbox me Ur response @ Omowunmimary .Tnxs

  83. A. Ademola says:

    I have HND ( Olabisi Onabanjo University ) in accounting with lower credit, where can i start from

  84. Amara Eze says:

    I registered for ICAN in 2009, I was sent my student confirmation letter and ID card, I payed for exemption but did not receive the certificate, I wrote and also called the office they said I have to pay again for further exemption which I did, but still did not hear from ICAN, last year, I sent another letter attach with all the evidence of payment through Kogi State ICAN Secretary to the office in Lagos but ICAN hav not reply me or send my exemption certificate.
    This is really burdering me can you be of any help to me.
    Plz reply via my inbox or


  85. Faith says:

    I graduated last year November from a polytechnic, I did HND in accountancy but my result is not ready yet, hence I will be going for service next year. can I still apply for ICAN without a result? and what level will I start from?

  86. Oluwaseun says:

    I wrote my ATS paper last in march 2010 wen abt to write ATS 3 nd ever since den i’v nt written any….
    I want to ask dat can I still continue or they will have blocked me 4rm writing………
    Thanks nd God bless u

  87. Rachael says:

    kindly send me an ICAN center address along Ojo/ Festac Town,satellite Town or any one closer to this mentioned places. please also help me confirm centers with full day lectures. I await a prompt response. Thanks

  88. Unuayokhe Oseni says:

    Pls, where is ICAN center located in Taraba State or Benue State?

  89. Please let me know what to do about my exemption as a graduate of Accounting from the University of Benin – Class of 1997. I am really confused as there is no where I have found the specifics required of me to enable me for exemption. my email is

  90. Kay says:

    I v registerd since nov 2013, i v nt receivd my reg details. I am worried. Hw long does it take ? Is there an ican office in warri. 07083339833

  91. Peter Osoria says:

    Please, what if 're not using AAT result?

  92. Idowu Shayo says:

    As a graduate of banking and finance, how should I registerd for ican

  93. Idowu Shayo says:

    I have degree in banking and finance ,what level should I register for


    As a Bsc holder of Accounting (Edu), what stage will I start from?

  95. Iam a 1998 graduate of accounting UNIPORT and had earlier paid my exemption fee and had been exempted. However, up till now I have not been able to register and write PE lw exams because of the nature of my job. What is my status now as I want to register for the forthcoming May 2014 diet? Please, I need your urgent reply to help me out of my present predicament.

  96. Damilola says:

    Hi, please am o level holder, I have my neco result, can I register for this ican too, which level will I start from, will I be accepted, am in Akure, ondo state, what should i do? Thanks

  97. anita says:

    If one is not usin an higher institution certificate how many years will d person use to be a qualified accountant and wat are d enquires I need to apply …..thanks

  98. anita says:

    What d meanin of d ATSWA and is it under ICAN

  99. Tipu says:

    Dear ,
    I need urgent help i tried my level best to contact ICAN and emailed them number of times but they are not replying I dont know why?? Actually I am UAE based ACCA memebr and want to gain membership of ICAn please guide me the steps and will it be worthy to do so??
    prompt reply expecting……

    • Racheal says:

      Pls admin,am a graduate in Accounting from Ekiti State University where do I start. ICAN from and am I going to be exempted and have also completed my NYSC…..i ll like to know if my school is accredited

  100. Chioma says:

    Please I want to update the postal address I used on the self addressed envelope I sent to ICAN(there was a mistake)…how do I go about it?

  101. William says:

    Good day sir,

    I’m an undergraduate of National Open University of Nigeria studying Accounting. I wish to apply for ICAN after graduation. Please i want to know wether my school is accredited by ICAN

  102. chi says:

    Hello sir,
    I once attempted PE1 in 2012 and want to write it again cos it wasn’t ok then, pls how do I go about it now? I had exemption then, what will I pay for now? Will like to write Nov diet.

  103. VERA says:

    Good day sir, I am a graduate of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. I will like to write November diet. Pls i need u to enlighten me on how to go about it. I really understand the application format,but am not well informed on when d ICAN lecture will commence(as in the month). I reside at Abuja,i really don’t want to miss out.

  104. victor irimiya says:

    I hv Bs.c zoology,i’m i ligible? if yes from which level and how much money do i need from the begining of the course to it completion.thank u sir.

  105. Nnaji uche says:

    Am a Accounting holder from unibuja (CDL). 1) Pls if i dont hv any charterd accountant as a referee, any other option? 2) Which diet will i start from and whats the amount. 3) am i geting any exemption? Thanks

    • Essien says:

      You still need a Chartered Accountant to referee you. You will start from PE 1 cos you Bsc Accounting holder


    can a statistician apply for chartered accounter


    can a statistician apply for accountant


    can a statistician apply for chartered accountant

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  110. Goodluck says:

    Gud day sir,i am a graduate of Accounting from IMSu.pls after my registration,how much will i pay for PE1

  111. yemi says:

    Gud sir, I am a graduate of Lagos state polytechnic HND..where do I start from with my lower credit?

  112. There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this
    topic. I really like all the points you’ve made.

  113. beejay says:

    Where can ND in Accountancy from Federal Poly Ede Osun state start from in ICAN, also it is accredited by ICAN.

  114. Ogelis says:

    Good day Essien. I am a graduate of Statistics from EBSU. I want to apply for ICAN, November diet. Can I use statement of result?

  115. Olanrewaju says:

    I have an Nd in Accounting, what level do i have to start from if i intend to enroll for ICAN?

  116. BALA GEOFFREY says:

    how can start foundation

  117. BALA GEOFFREY says:

    what are the procedure of the foundation?

  118. Someone pls respond on this question.
    Eagerly await at least a response.

  119. Where can ND in
    Accountancy from Federal
    Poly Ede Osun state start from in
    ICAN, also it is accredited by ICAN.

  120. AMAKA says:

    please am an HND holder in Marketinh from Institute of Management and Technology Enugu,where am i likely start,how many years and what can it cost me to start?

  121. AMAKA says:

    please am HND holder in marketing from Institute of management and technology Enugu,where am i likely to start,how many years and what can it cost me?

  122. Ndianaobong says:

    I am ND holder but my result is awaiting result and i want to register, what can
    i do

  123. chinenye says:

    Good day.I have in Accounting and my school is accredited but based on this new syllabus and new levels which level will I be exempted from. how do i start

  124. gbenga says:

    Good day, I did a part time degree in business administration in lagos state univerisity. I have my statementof result but my exemption is not ready. I am yet to collect my waec certificate though I have the statement of result from the school. kindly help me confirm if I can register for ICAN and also get the foundation exemptions. Thanks.

  125. ABIOLA says:

    I need an answer urgently, pls. I had A.T.S II in 1996, which was the last stage of ATS then, and been inducted. Which level of exam do i register for this 2014

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  129. uchenna ibe says:

    Pls admin is been 1week I paid for exemption fees and till now my ican financial status has not be credited,pls how long or weeks will it take my exemption fee to reflect on my status?

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  134. Aham Ernest says:

    please how much is the exemption fees for professional level..after obtaining in accounting?

  135. Adeyemi Olusola says:

    HW many stages does it have?

  136. Ok Isaiah says:

    Please as a graduate of accounting with third class, can I be exempted in some courses, urgent reply plsssssss, thanks

  137. Durojaiye Emanuel says:

    i just wanna ask if there is any ICAN study center in Osun state

  138. Wat is your bbm or add 74D24533 pin

  139. Tunde. A says:

    Good day ,

    pls. can o’level student apply for ICAN

  140. Tunde. A says:

    Pls. what are the requirement if I want to register for ATS

  141. chioma says:

    Can I still register for ican this year

  142. bimbo says:

    Hi pls am a Bsc holder, my school is acredicted so have done my reg n I have my reg no. Pls I need u to help me wit how to pay for my exemption I know is 53k but how do i go abt d payment pls which bank n how do i know if i have been exempted tanks. I await your respons. Tanks

  143. Okorafor Chidimma says:

    Pls I just registered and I’ve been given my number, just today. I’m interested in writing the May 2015 diet(professional level) When should I start processing payment for exemption? I have a B.Sc. In Accounting…pls I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  144. nvene maryrose says:

    Please, I rigistered for Ican in year 2010. I was given a registration number and serial number but was unable to write the exam since then. I intend to write next year what should I do cause I entered my pin and SN it says its not existing. Would I av to start all over again?

  145. Afolabi Olamiposi says:

    Pls i want to make an inquire. I have an OND certificate in accounting, and economics/education, with my MBA, which stage will i start from with ican

  146. chris says:

    I am an ND Holder from yabatech, what leve are my suppose to start from? Pls reply, cos I’ve seen similar question without response, pls I really need to no

  147. damilola says:

    can o level apply 4 ican

  148. Can anybody applied with accounting education

  149. Add me on bbm 33011180

  150. Solomon says:

    Hi, I graduated from Tai-Solarin University studied Accounting Education.I wish to know the possibility of having exemption, or can i start from Foundation if i like. pls help me out.Thanks

  151. Muhammed babagana goni says:

    Admin pls i am a graduate of Banking and Finance from Ramat Polytechnic Maiduguri, Borno State and a PGD holder in financial Management. Which level can i start with? And i want to know the amount of money i will spend in total if i decide to enroll

  152. Iwo Elizabeth says:

    I just finished my from Gateway polytechnic Saapade Ogun state, department of accountancy. My result is not out yet. I don’t knw if I can still apply and what are the courses that I would be taking?

  153. favour says:

    Can a o’level student apply 4 Ican?…..and I am a graduate of unilag and I studied computer science,can I still do ICAN,because I wld love to boost my CV and work as an accountant as a supplement,please is it possible,I need urgent reply please

  154. Good day, my own question is that does ican helps their students to look for job after been chartered?

  155. Gloria Ekeoba says:

    Am stil an accounting student of unilag(DLI programme)and i wonno registre for ICAN dis year.when is registration starting pls

  156. Dolapo Adekanle says:

    hi,have paid and printed my form before i realized that have omitted 1 alphabet from my email address,any course for alarm or what should i told?

  157. maureen chidimma says:

    As a hnd holder in accounting, which level do i begin if i register with ican?

  158. Pls were is Ican institute situated at Niger state

  159. racheal says:

    Is national I.d card needed during registration

  160. bakare maimunat abiodun says:

    i have already done registration and need to know the procedure for exemption payment and procedure.

  161. Aderinto fatai says:

    pls I want to apply exemption,although my school is there but my course is not there which is educational management/Economics. pls what should I do

  162. Solomon says:

    Where do I find ICAN office in Owerri. IMO state.

  163. wisdom. says:

    pls i am a graduate of the university of Ghana logon.. Bsc accounting (FIRST CLASS HONORS.. i wnt to kn if my school is reorganised and as a first class graduate,can i get a scholarship award…. if yes hw do i register. am in port Harcourt now. Thank you.

  164. wisdom. says:

    am a graduate Bsc accounting, how is the procedure for becoming a CA like and hw many papers do i need to write b4 i can carter and how much is d fee for each paper do the give first class graduates who are applying for ICAN scholarships…. if yes ..pls hw and were do i register. am in Port Harcourt nw…
    Thanks for ur help

  165. Ok Isaiah says:

    What is PE1

  166. Ok Isaiah says:

    After ATS part 3 exams, which level will I start from or will there be any exemption in any level. Thanks


    Hello, iam a graduate of business education accounting option from ATBU BAUCHI.Iwant to know whether iam exempted from prelim stages.

  168. teslim folami says:

    please sir, ive forgotten my ICAN registration number. how do i go about it

  169. moses Alexander says:

    pls i hv ANAN if am 2 join ICAN wht stage wil i start 4rum

  170. Am a graduate waiting to write the ICAN exam. Please what is expected of me to do? Which document is am expected to attached? Please enlighten me. Tanx

  171. olatunji nasirah says:

    after paying for pin and induction fee, which other fee are going to pay for again and hw much

  172. ayo says:

    I Am an undergrate student of national open university studyn accounting {200level} can I take Ican and what stage will I b startn 4rm

  173. angela says:

    gud day, I ve Hnd in accounting, nd I wish to write my ican dis year wat doni do, nd were do I start from.tanx.need an urgent respond

  174. I registered 2004 and travelled out of country to hussle, I am back can I be readmitted.

  175. Wunmi says:

    can someone who is 17years apply for ICAN??

  176. janet says:

    I studied business education(accounting) and I want to register for ican. will I start with foundation .

  177. Adaeze says:

    Pls,I am a graduate of banking and finance university of uyo,and I wish to commence my Ican as soon as possible.after d registration, which stage will I start in,will there be materials for d courses,will deer be tutorials and were is Uyo centre located?

  178. Victor says:

    Please I’ll need your BBM pin so we could get each other the more

  179. ronke says:

    I have Higher diploma in accounting and auditing , please which stage will I start from . thanks

  180. Nzekea Henry says:

    want to find out if some one with MBA in finance would get exemptions? If yes, how many pappers would the person have to write to become chartered accountant? Tanx

  181. emmanuel says:

    want to find out if some one with MBA in finance would get exemptions? If yes, how many pappers would the person have to write to become chartered accountant? Tanx

  182. I want information to register as an OND holder

  183. ELVIS IZIEBE says:


  184. Omotola Temitope says:

    Hello, pls how do I go about exemption process after making payment in the bank?

  185. gud eve,pls i made a mistake by not payin the correct amount for my exam,pls wat can i do

  186. olatunde oluyemi ololade says:

    Am an OND holder in business studies. I love to be an accountant but I don’t have any knowledge on accounting and I want to do accounting in the university. Pls sir how do I cope or go about it and what is required of me to study accounting thank you

  187. Olatunde Ololade says:

    You have replied ur friends questions since may 2014 so what is going to happen my own important question. Pls I need answer now or is there any site for reply

  188. pay the balance amount to the bank. Scan the vouchers and tellers to with a mail explaining your situation. A pin would be sent back to you for registration

  189. Capital says:

    hello friends I will av to respond to ur questions one after d other…………

  190. alabi barakat says:

    is it possible for someone who did not offer d subject Account in his or her olevel result.may be because the person is not a commercial student.can the person apply for ICAN.

  191. Kelvin says:

    Am an O.N.D holder in accountancy, and also a BSc holder in Econs, which level of ICAN will i start from?

  192. Eweje Michael says:

    please sir, i have completed my online registration, as a bsc holder in accounting,i graduated frm ican accredited school,, can i send my transcript first to the institute or i need to submit the online registration form first before submitting to the institute..?

  193. sir, for how long would i wait after registration to pay for my exemption fee. thank you

  194. ayoola says:

    I am a Bsc holder accounting from an accredited institution,I have done all the needful and paid for my exemption but I don’t know the next step to take. Pls enlighten me. What is the next thing for me to do. I plan to write exam by november

  195. pls how can I recover my ats pin ..I forgot the pin and did even write it down, and nw I cant complete my registration online. please what to I do to get it back?



    • moses says:

      Like seriously I don’t know were to start an o level it possible for me to get an ican pin?cos I want to become a charterd accountant pls reply

  197. olorunto aminu says:

    pls admin,i am a graduate of accounting,pls i want to know how much will cost me to run my ican program.pls i really need d rough estimate.pls u can send it to me via my bbm(2ba45812)or my email at i will be very grateful if u can do dat for me

  198. I stopped my ATSWA Examination five years ago and I want to continue. What should I do? Will I start all over again?

  199. I have HND accounting which level I am going to start? Finished from Ado Ekiti Federal Poly.

  200. Arib peter says:

    I finished with HND holder in Banking and Finance pls which stage can I start the ICAN sir.

  201. FRIDAY ODE says:

    I have HND. Statistics, At what stage should I start Sir?

  202. FRIDAY ODE says:

    I have HND. Statistics, At what stage would I start Sir?

  203. sekeenat says:

    What are the supporting documents that will be attached to my Ican registration form for my referee to certify.?

  204. dada remi says:

    If am to start at foundation level, how many years will it takes.

  205. Shoyemi Adex says:

    I have waec certificate, can I obtain the form? Or is only for graduate.

  206. please, help me out. I dont know where to submit my registration form.Am from Abia State

  207. Osazuwa Paul says:

    Good day, i am an engineering graduate also interested in getting an ICAN certification but i need some answers to these questions; how long will the exams or program last, what is the total cost of running it or will the payment be done for different levels (foundation and so on) and after filling the form is there any office in Delta state or Edo state it can be submitted. I will appreciate if your reply is forwarded to my mail.

  208. MAY says:


  209. I have an Higher Diploma in accounting and auditing from Plateau State polytechnic , Jos in year 2004.Am I qualify for admission to ICAN

  210. Akahara joy says:

    I have seen d stages for the registration for ICAN, my question is, will i be able to apply bcos i studied education business studies?
    after the registration what next?
    is there any other fee to be paid after the first payment?
    how can i locate a lecture center in Enugu state?
    what is the duration of the course?

  211. Olawale says:

    plz if am to start ican with Bsc Accounting, how many papers or levels am to take before being a Chartered Accountant?

  212. Okon Glory says:

    I just finished sec skul is it okey for me to do ican.

    i dont have refree/sponsor
    what can i do

  213. Okon Glory says:

    i am to start ican with WAEC how many papers am i to write n what level am i going to be in.

    am i going to start from scratch.
    cos thats wat i need.

  214. It’s an remarkable piece of writing in support of all the web users; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  215. falana Ezekiel says:

    What if I am an ssce holder can I still register for ican

  216. Bisi says:

    Hi Admin,
    I have BTech in Agric Sci. I would love to have ICAN certificate, I need clarification on
    1. Will i have to do the foundational courses
    2. I am in Uyo, is there any accredited centre for lectures you know of
    3. How much do I have to pay for the registration
    4. How long will the whole program take? (Lecture, exam and induction)
    5. are there yearly courses to be done to continue to be chartered?
    6. Can I study on my own to take the exams, i.e without going for lectures?

  217. If i have HND , how many years will i use?

  218. Am an HND holder, where will i start from?

  219. De princess Nyasky says:

    pls Admin, I am a graduated in accounting bt right now am still serving as a corpa but I would like to registered for ican , so pls where will I start? or will it affect my service? right now am I Kwara state . pls help

  220. Am an ND holder where can i start from please let us know

  221. Am an ND holder where can i start from please let us know

  222. Mutana Faruk says:

    ICAN is excellently and justly doing well but more awareness needs to be created and extended to rural communities, tertiary institutions and NYSC camps all over the federation.

  223. Bamikole Opeyemi.supposing someone graduated in both ND/HND in accounting and PGD in financial management where and how he should start from?

  224. Catherine says:

    Am an ND holder pls where will i start from to apply because I really need it.

  225. Yinka says:

    I’m a graduate of Economics from OAU. Results is not yet out. Can I apply for ICAN and which stage will I start from. Pls what will the cost for the first stage of exams.
    Wud be grateful if u could send it via my email.

  226. damilare says:

    as a graduate in Agric economics from olabisi Onabanjo University. Where would I start from if I want to be a chartered acctnt.thanks

  227. biola says:

    Please I am an Accountancy HND holder from yabatech I want to know the exemptions am entitled to and the cost of the exemptions and d exams

  228. biola says:

    Please you can reply through this email Thanks

  229. CHIDINMA EFOBI says:

    please I have NCE from a College of Education in Nigeria and I really want to take the ICAN exams. I studied Business Education [accounting option] pls tell me were to start and how to go about it.

  230. Uyimeh says:

    dear admin, pls, I’m an undergraduate of accounting but my dept has not yet bin accredited by ican but I still want to register. what is Ur advice do I do it now or when I get my bsc?

  231. Abdullahi Yusuf Galadunchi says:

    pls. Sir, how can i apply for exemption?

  232. Pls can u put me tru were I can study ican in ado ekiti



  234. Emmanuel says:

    Plz Admin what is the duration to be a charted

  235. Please, how much will it cost me to do ICAN per stages?

  236. emmanuel says:

    I have BSc in economic and I did financial accounting and business law as part of my courses in,where will I start from.

  237. Emmanuel O.A says:

    I am an HND holder in Banking & Finance, can i be exempted from any of the step or am to start from the beginning?
    Thamks and regards.

  238. I am Accounting graduate working on my project to get my BSc certificate, can i be exempted from of the step or start from the beginning?

  239. Nnenna Eke says:

    I am a graduate of Economics from Abia State University, Uturu and still waiting for my Statement of result. Can i use my statement of Result from the university to register for ICAN?

  240. Chiamaka says:

    pls am a graduate in accounting and wants to apply for ican. how do I start

  241. Felix victor says:

    I m holder of hnd in accounting from fideipolytechnic. what examption can i pay 4.

  242. Aisha Bello says:

    Am an undergraduate in accountancy Please sir is It possible to apply for ICAN along side my degree program and how long is it going to take me and at what level will start?

  243. Gooness says:

    Pls i just graduated. I studied agric economics management and extension, can i enrol for the ican since i did not study accounting? And what are the criterias and the level to start from, pls what is the meaning of AAT, is it for who? Tnx

  244. Abubakar says:

    pls am an ND holder, hw to do I apply and what level would I start from?

  245. Abubakar says:

    pls if I apply wit o level or ND, at what level would I start?

  246. Taiwo says:

    Just got admission can I register for ican

  247. Adekunle daviv says:

    I am HND holder in Statistics,i want to apply for ican where will i start from.thanks

  248. Kolade Olatunji says:

    Pls bros,can u guide me on materials to get for ICAN exams. I intend to start frm PE1. I mean can u give sme tested materials that i cn trust. Tnx

  249. name says:

    pls educate me can I quote my student number in official documents as member of a professional body

  250. Eddy says:

    Is Ican limited to just banking and science students only??? cos I got a B.A

  251. Eddy says:

    Is Ican limited to just banking and science students only??? cos I got a B.A

  252. Racheal says:

    can someone with ssce result can enrol pls I need a reply asap

  253. Racheal says:

    can someone with ssce enrol pls I need reply asap

  254. Shehu Muazu says:

    Is there any exemption to those who are already ANAN Member?

  255. moses says:

    what are the exemptions for a graduate of economics and where will I start from as a graduate? I was in zenith bank this morning to pay for ICAN registration but the teller was asking me what I was paying for either ATS, AAT, induction, and so on…I collected my money back because I wasn’t sure. Please what is the right answer to this?

  256. Nathaniel Edeh Ifeanyichkwu says:

    As a post graduate student of Accounting Education, UNN, what level am i meant to start from. Do you have idea of any study centre in Nsukka. I should be grateful hearing from you soon. Thanks

  257. Adebayo says:

    I don’t understand the nysc certificate part of this ican instruction

  258. am nurudeen says:

    plz I want to know what is going to cost me to register am a graduate of accounting

  259. Braimah Gani says:

    I m a graduate of accounting in Ambrose Alli University, pls am I going to have any exception and how many course am to offer during may exam.bcos I want to apply for May 2016 diet. What level will I start from? Please reply via email

  260. Adekeys Solomono says:

    Am an NCE holder from Federal College Of Education (Technical) Akoka, studied accounting education. To enroll for ICAN, what level would I start from and what is the cost. Thanks for you reply via my Email.

  261. EMMA says:

    please how do i get information on the courses i will take,i am a graduate of banking and finance with 4 years accounting job experience,also do you have any idea how much is being charged for the inauguration?

  262. abibat says:

    Pls as an OND holder, what level will I start from nd hw many years will it takes me.

  263. LAwrence Gbenga says:

    I have a National Diploma, but currently a student in NOUN, can I apply for ICAN at this level or I have to be a graduate first? Also what other professional courses can I take if there are some other.

  264. OLUWASEUN says:


  265. adeola says:

    Hi,i av paid 4 my ats induction but can’t find the teller please what can I do in a suitation like this coz I can’t pay anoda 23500,plz can u kindly reply 2ma box Thanks

  266. mubisal says:

    Good day. I will be glad you give me accreditef ICAN coaching centres in Ondo state. Akure precisely. thank you

  267. DORCAS says:

    pls have paid to fidelity bank and have obtain the pin the problem is that have being trying to login but is not responding, have enter my deposit slip number, receipt number/ pin number but is not responding. plssss what can i do

  268. olakanmi says:

    Can o’level pass the ICAN at all or can o’level apply for ICAN?

  269. john olatunbosun taiwo says:

    i am an undergraduate of LASU part time and i want to apply for ICAN exam what do i do i need your advice please

  270. Amara says:

    plz sir.i just graduated.i read accounting
    education.i want to apply for ICAN.when can i apply and when would dey commence tutorials.

  271. uyai says:

    HELO, i want to find out which stage will i start? i graduated with HND in accounting

  272. pearljyoti says:

    Hello, I’m a graduate of medical biochemistry. Can I apply for ican and where will I start from

  273. Nwaozuzu Chad says:

    Please i am in Owerri, Imo State and i have completed my form how do i submit it since there is no liason office in Imo. can it be sent by post and which address . Thanks

  274. Jonna says:

    Hi there friends, how is all, and what you would like to say
    concerning this piece of writing, in my view its truly awesome for me.

  275. Ada offia says:

    Must one be a graduate before one can do the ICAN? And what if you have no referee

  276. pls am a graduate of business admin from UNAD, i cannot find the exemption for my course pls help. bridget

  277. Ikechukwu Uyammadu says:

    pls admin, I don’t understand the last no 3

  278. tobi says:

    Pls,my issue is my callup letter won’t b available until march ending,hop it won’t b too late to register for may diet?

  279. adedayo says:

    elo sir am ND older in yabatech can i aply for ican and which stage am i goin to start

  280. Gyeyok says:

    Thanks for the information given.
    please I am an undergraduate student in my 3rd year and I want to apply for ICAN. Is it possible and please how do I go about it?
    I don’t school in Nigeria but I want to register for it.

  281. Gyeyok says:

    Please I am an undergraduate student in my 3rd year studying Bsc Accounting but not in Nigeria, in Ghana.
    I want to register for ICAN. please how do I go about it?
    What result will I provide and what stage will I start from?
    Also is it possible for me to enroll or write the exams when am on break?
    pls I need your assistance.

  282. kabir says:

    pls sir hw can I get refere/ sponsor Dat will giv me his membership no name and odas. I don’t knw anybody Dat have done it b4 tanks.

  283. Bobby says:

    please, how long will it take to get my registration number after forwarding my document s to Lagos…???

  284. Azubuike Ngozi says:

    Hello I am ND holder in Laspotech and want to apply for icon which stage will I start from

  285. Chinwe says:

    i am a HND holder in accounting 2006 and wish to apply for ICAN, please when is the time for application.

  286. efunniyi David says:

    Pls am still undergraduate HND, if am to apply now that level will i that from, or should i wait to finish my HND before i apply. Pls advise..

  287. aminat says:

    Hi,pls am a graduate of accounting,finished from about to commence my registration.I want to know when to apply for exemption or if I will automatically be exempted to take some subjects.thank you

  288. Sammy Warepamor says:

    Please can I apply for ICAN using my success letter from school? I want to begin the registration process and are there lecture centres in Okota?

  289. Ajayi Olatunde says:

    Good Morning Sir/Ma
    Please how many copy of my credential am to make available for certification and to be summit to Ican office.
    very urgent

  290. Edwin says:

    can someone with SSCE register and become a chartered accountant.

  291. DMJ says:


  292. mercy emmanuel says:

    Pls sir I just finish my HND in account waiting for service can I apply for ICAN

  293. Pls sir I just finish my HND and waiting for service can I apply for ICAN

  294. vivian says:

    please, I have written my foundation exams due did not make it all. I want to register for this may exam, will I register with the procedures given. thanks.

  295. matt says:

    The Owner of this Website Isn’t Active again…. So I think anyone who have answers to some of the questions can help . Thank you

  296. Harry Ambrose says:

    Can an O level holder apply for ICAN? I want to get my son registered before he secures admission

  297. i went to bank ,to pay for that registration fee there said is more than 7000 because of bank charges, and wer did ICAN have branch at zaria because i was there. please

  298. Martins says:

    Please can a final year student register? thanks

  299. Samson George says:

    pls my name is Samson, I graduated from FED POLY BAUCHI were I studied BANKING &FINANCE at HND leveland I have a POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in ACCOUTING & FINANCE at merit level ABU ZARIA. can i enroll for the professionals only ie Pe1 & Pe2 professional .

  300. Cynthia Omoijade says:

    I need help, as a fresh registration the bank is asking me for membership number. How do I get that when it’s a new registration. Cynthia

  301. Moses Amuta says:

    I want to find out if someone with MBA finance would get exemptions? If yes how many papers would the person take to become a chartered accountant and how much is the exemption to be paid.

  302. Joseph says:

    Please, i v registered since 2013 and v not been able to submit all the requirements, Hope it doesn’t v any effect?

  303. Taiwo says:

    Pls I have HND in marketing and am aslo chartered marketer,pls,which stage will I start from if I want to write ICAN and how much will it cost me?

  304. Salihu Abu says:

    Am have HND in accounting and My school was not credited by ICAN.I want to register what do I do.? Urgent respond needed

  305. damilola says:

    pls, am a national diploma holder and i want to further my education by going fro ICAN , hw will i go for dat ad the step am giong to take. and if possible which type of course am going to write i mean wat level will dat
    llikewise abt the payment hw will dat be. and hw will i receive lectures on d course am going to write. plss i nid an urgent reply thanks

  306. Patrick ogbonna says:

    Good afternonn. Please, I read accounting (Edu) in Eksu i want to know the duration of the programme for the student of Acc/Edu. Moreover, any moment from now i will be on my way to Nysc, please, in writing the examinations, hope there wouldn’t be any problem because i don’t know where i will be posted. Thanks

  307. Aramide says:

    I want to knw if an ssce holder can apply for the ican exam irrespective of his/her department?

  308. Joe says:

    Please, I wanna know how much it will cost me to be chartered? The total cost involved. I’m a holder of B.Sc (ed) in Accounting

  309. Amb. Bassey, s. says:

    contact me when next registration starts

  310. ayoola kudirat says:

    Please can someone with pass register for ICAN exam

  311. ICANEXAM says:

    Nice Guide. You can connect with other ICAN students in Nigeria, ask and share exam materials online via

  312. Amadi Justice says:

    I hold a degree in Banking & Finance and an MBA degree in Management; what level do I start from?

  313. Vivian A says:

    Admin i paid in the 7000 required on 1st June n went for registration online but it was not going through. I have used the website given on the payment receipt but I haven’t been given a pin yet. What do I do?

  314. sylvia says:

    Am an ND holder can I apply fr ICAN?

  315. sylvia says:

    Can U apply fr I CAN wit ND CERTIFICATE

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  317. john says:

    as a 100level student , can i regisiter for ican professionam exam and not ATSW. Thanks

  318. john says:

    banking n finance and will i start from foundation

  319. David olaniyan says:

    pls i have Advance Diploma in Accounting from polytechnic, pls can apply for professional stage ican

  320. Bisola says:

    Good day sir,I’m a graduate from Kwara state university wt a degree in accounting. I’m currently serving,i will like to apply for Ican after my service just wanted to find out if the registration will still be on. And what’s d meaning of PE1 and PE 2.Thanks

  321. Precious says:

    Am a 200level student from imo state uni i dont no if it possible for me to apply for ican and wat level will i start from thanks

  322. Emmanuel Mikailu says:

    pls sir what is d duration of the,programme? I studied economics con kaduna state university. can I exempted?

  323. Kenneth says:

    I have OND Accounting from Auchi poly and HND lower credit in accounting Lagos state polytechnic do I need to register for foundation or exempted .

  324. Adedejifemi Michael olufemi says:

    After, am a graduate of banking and finance HND, MASTER IN BUZ ADMIN (MBA) and ANAN. Please which step am I going to start ICAN Examination? Have gone to Zenith for the pin but have not registered.

  325. ogunniran fisayo says:

    Am actually a graduate in accounting but wnt to start frm d beginning ow do i go abt it and where do i start frm

  326. mathew L says:

    pls am acc fron noun wht le vel an how many course can i take b4 graduation?

  327. Margaret says:

    How can I register for Ican as a 300l student in NOUN Ilorin Centre

  328. Linus Ehis says:

    goodday sir i am a student awaiting addmission into the university. please i want to know if it is possible to apply for the ican exam

  329. Good afternoon sir. I am a graduate of Business Education-Acconting option in Tai solarin University of Education. Sir I want to register for Ican and which stage will I start from and how much will I pay? And how many paper will I do and did I need to pay excemption fee? Thanks in anticipation sir.

  330. Adebisi samson Temitope says:

    plz sir,where do i find ICAN centre here in Osun state or Ile-ife precisely

  331. Oyebola says:

    Am a HND holder studied Accounting at The Polytechnic of Ibadan,i wish to apply and want to know where to start from and the exemption

  332. Ehi sharon says:

    Good day. Am a holder in acc.. Pls how do i apply for ICAN. From benin..

  333. Victoria Abas says:

    I am a graduate of accounting please i want to know if the three levels of ICAN exams is being taken at once or is there a break before others are taken.

  334. ishorkor Gabriel says:

    I’m an NCE graduate accounting education trying to go to the university and I want to apply for ican which level would I started and how long can take me to finish

  335. Princess cj says:

    Pls sir is it possible to change study centre cos am relocating from portharcourt to owerrl

  336. kenrot says:

    pls can i use o level result to register in ican

  337. Justina Amos says:

    I am an ND holder from rivers state polytechnic now Ken sarowiwa poly department of estate management and valuation but I want to start a career in accounting does it mean I have to seat 4 an entrance exam even with out having a strong foundational background in accounting?

  338. Caroline Ahunna says:

    pls sir, i am a B.Sc holder in human anatomy, can i apply for ican and where do i start? what is the requirement

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