How To Crack/Unlock Glo NetPro Modem To Universal Modem

Unlike the latest Glo Bolt, Glo NetPro Modem can be unlock to universal modem so as to be able to browse with other Networks like Airtel, Mtn and Etisalat Nigeria.

Glo Netpro Modem

Glo NetPro Modem is a Glo customized Huawei Modem that is pre-configured to work with only Glo Sim. Inputting another sim to the modem will prompt for an unlock code. To unlock this modem, you need to know the unlock code. This tutorial will guide you in knowing the unlock code to successfully unlock and/or crack you Glo Huawei NetPro Modem.


Glo NetPro Modem can be unlocked using the Universal MasterCode. If you don’t have one, download it here

                                                                         Universal MasterCode

After installing it, Open the program. You will see a screen like the below image

mastercode to unlock glo modem,

Select Huawei as highlighted in the above image.

Input the Modem IMEI Number. The IMEI Number should be written in the body of the modem. And Click on Calculate.

The Unlock Code Will be shown.

After you have gotten the unlock code for the modem, copy it. Insert another sim in the modem and plug it in your computer. You will again be prompted to insert the unlock code. Type the unlock code and bingo, your modem is unlock.

After Unlocking your modem, you will need to manually configure it to work perfectly with the inserted sim card.

For Glo Modem, Click on Tools – Options – Profile Management – New.

Then Check this post on how to manually configure your modem to work perfectly with the alien sim card.

Mtn, Airtel,Glo, Etisalat Manual Internet Connection Settings

If you have any difficulty in applying the above stated settings, please use the comment box to ask your question. You will be answered appropriately.


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  1. Wisdinho Erakpoweri Wisdom says:

    thank u for d infor but I jst wana knw dows it include d new MTN nd GLO modem?

  2. thank u for d infor but I jst wana knw dows it include d new MTN nd GLO modem?

  3. admin says:

    The New Glo Modem is difficult to unlock. I have tried all tips and tricks, I can’t unlock my Glo Bolt Modem.

    • Malonzy says:

      Glo Bolt modems are designed not to be cracked. It stays locked from the time you buy it to the time it spoils. I can never be cracked. Even if it can, it will be very difficult to do

  4. penn pore says:

    But new glo sim is not showing unlock interface.. How do I go about it?

  5. K BEE says:


  6. dan karanja says:

    Thanks Admin. The procedure worked well for me as i succeeded in unlocking my Huawei modem. Hope it works for others too

  7. paul says:

    Mine has refuse to unlock don’t really know why.

  8. My glo net-pro e303 modem seems to be uncrackable, what is your advice for me?

  9. My glo net-pro e303 modem seems to be uncrackable, what is your advice for me?

  10. Matthew Uche says:


  11. Matthew Uche says:


  12. I did everything and got the unlock code, but it didn't work. With the 8 digits unlock code the ok tab isn't even active. Apparently, it requires an unlock code that is 16 digits long, because when I combined the unlock code and the flash code the ok tab became active, but it didn't work. Alarmingly, I only have two attempts left before the modem becomes irrevocably locked. Can you help?

  13. I got a 12 digits unlock code, but it requires a 16 digits code. Can you help?

  14. Ouch. I've seen the problem. My netpro modem is model MF110 and that isn't on the list of ZTE modems on the unlock software.

  15. Mosari Mangena says:

    guys I have mtn fast link e153 where can I find code.

  16. tweet says:

    My glo netpro (huawei E303) isn’t showing an interface for unlock code, hw do I go about it?

  17. jerry says:

    Great post here, but how about calculating globolt and mtn huawei e303 modems?

  18. WAI says:

    It was a good one, thanks for d info

  19. godwin says:

    i did the proceedure i got 12 digit unlock code and the need 15 digit….pls help me @Essien

  20. Akinwale Abraham says:

    Good evening.

    Pls, I have gotten the unlock code for my modem’s imei number, but, when I slot in my modem I don’t know how I will get to where exactly I input the unlock code. I have tried to connect whether it will request for the unlock code but, I have not gotten any so far. My modem is GLO Netpro. It tells me that I can browse with an unregistered sim when I put another sim in the modem

  21. Juliet, Kindly advice me o what next to do because I did as was instructed and I got the unlock code but when I inserted the modem with a different sim it did not bring any more options. pls how do I unlock it with the code ?

  22. DAISY says:

    pls the modem keeps rejecting the sim card i inserted and its replying “onli specified SIM/USIM card be used for this device what should i do?????

  23. Solescomm says:

    Am using Glo Netpro but the problem now is that it won’t install anymore for me to insert unlock code, how do I reset to factory settings……

  24. sylvester says:

    i have been trying to search for the software to unlock my modem can u help me unlock my modem ……my modem is glo netpro E303

  25. AKAN says:

    l manage to get the unlock code for a glo 160G modem, but after inserting another sim card and plugged back in, it didn’t bring any option as per where to install the new unlock code, so pls what seems to be the next step.

    MODEL: MF110
    IMEI: 356420046542957
    UNLOCK CODE: 63759534
    FLASH: 65305695

    Please i have do as instructed but the unlock code was asking me 16 digit while i get 8 digit from Universal MasterCode. help me out at this level sir. call me on +2348052742825

  27. Ayi Eric says:

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    i have made a lot of money from there myself.

  28. Francesca says:

    Fastidious answer back in return of this query with firm arguments and explaining all regarding

  29. Paschal says:

    Thanks. It worked like a charm. I paid one dude N500 (friend level price) to unlock my mtn. Just did it myself for my glo.

  30. i have the code but it do not pick

  31. i mean to unlock moderm i have try my best

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