How to do right Social Bookmarking on Facebook?

If you are following a marketing strategy on social media particularly on Facebook, social bookmarking will be of great help in promoting your business positively. However, it is very important to get social bookmarking in the right manner so that you do not create a negative impact on the online traffic. Here are some basic guidelines for making social bookmarking an ultimate online marketing tool:

1.    Make the base strong

For starting with the marketing through social media, you first need to have a valid Facebook account. You should keep the following tips in mind for making your account valid:

  • Provide valid information, especially the email address, when you are filling up the sign up form.
  • Once you create your account, try to adopt a more professional outlook for your profile.
  • Add a profile picture that presents you in the most professional way. This picture can be of your brand logo or can also have your product description.
  • Avoid adding any childish cover photos or weird display pictures to your profile, as this can result in decreasing your online credibility.
  • Add a medium sized picture that can be viewed easily.

2.    Keep updating your profile

Keep your Facebook profile up-to-date with all the recent stuff posted on it to attract more visitors with ease. For optimizing your profile according to your business, follow these guidelines:

  • Fill the biography section carefully. Make it concise. Add a brief history of the company and product description in a succinct manner.
  • Make your biography optimized by adding keywords having comparatively lower competition. You can seek the guidance of Google Adwords for this purpose. Do not worry, as using Google Adwords is not a rocket science at all.
  • Never add any irrelevant link in your biography. Instead, add the relevant links and URLs once the biography has been completed.

3.    Make social bookmarking a safe business

Although, you can use social bookmarking very conveniently for promoting your business, yet you should be wary of the minor mistakes that can turn all your efforts futile.

  • Try adding such links and URLs to your profile that present the same idea as you do.
  • Pick URLs from various sites to provide your visitors with an interesting user experience.
  • Avoid badgering your followers with too many posts per day. Try to keep the business going on with moderation.
  • Only select valid URLs to be posted on your profile.

4.    Focus on the target market only

Here you need to understand that all the marketing you are doing on Facebook is for the products and services you specialize in. Make them known to the people through interaction. Moreover, try to focus on the prospects that are actually in need of your services. You can find that out by searching people with same areas of interest on Facebook. Keep in touch with those followers, who you think can turn into your valuable customers.

5.    Prefer a Page over a Profile

It is a much better way of marketing through Fan Page on social media. With this approach, your products and services with get more exposure. You can even put informative articles and many different links for your visitors to check out. However, it is very important to keep a Fan Page regularly updated. Recent information should be added on regular basis so that the visitors can remain engaged on your page for the information they are looking for.

These very simple yet effective social bookmarking techniques that will make your Facebook marketing a very smooth business, instantly generating a good amount of clientele for your cause!

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