NaturalPay is a Scam

NaturalPay claim to be a legitimate company that can enable people to earn a whooping $100 a day. They claimed that they are registered and you wondered where? On their main site, they claim to have paid a lot of people $1000 daily. How do they make their money to pay $1000. They are really a scam site

naturalpay scam

How Do NaturalPay Work?

Just like other scam site, you will need to register with them by providing key details like username, password, e-mail address etc. You will be given a referral link to share in your Facebook, website, twitter if you have any. They claim to pay you 3.4% to 5.5% of the advertisers pay daily.

After sharing your link and accumulate your income or earnings to the pay out value, this is where the problem arises.

Requesting for Pay out will not be done. Let me just say, you will not be paid. Naturalpay claimed to use Liberty Reserve and Western Union to pay but these are all lies. Naturalpay is a scam

How to Discovered A Scam Site

In case you come across a site like Naturalpay, below are the tips you can use to know if it is a scam

  • No Correct Contact Details: If you check the NaturalPay website, what they just insert they is a email. The e-mail they can easily ignored. No phone number to call, no live chat to lay your complaint.
  • Pay Earning Rate: You have to be cautious whenever you see a referral site that has a high earnings rate. You will need to analyse how much they earn in order to pay every members $1000. Who is their advertisers?

You just need to be wise. Don’t get scammed because you are in need of on line money. If you want to make money on line, create a blog, post good and reliable contents, register with Google Adsense, and start making money with it.

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  1. Jien Cabanda says:

    I discover something about this site. I found the fake URL. I guess this is the URL just try to find out and click this URL and sign in You will notice if you sign in in this URL with your username and password you will see your referrals and earnings are all down to zero. I think this is the fake one so everyone here encountered the problem when they sign in with their account their earnings and referrals are all gone. Smells fishy isn't it. There are one is real and one is fake. Their using it sometimes to confuse us. So be careful. Don't register to the fake site. If you register in the real site I believe you will get paid so please be patient. Just wait for a month to withdraw your money. Thanks.

  2. yes I reached the minimum 50$ but I cant withdraw….what should I do?

  3. Natural Pay is a scam.

    is this fake? what is the truth tell me?

  5. Lhiixhiaan Love says:

    I send a lot of links.

  6. Lhiixhiaan Love says:

    atayyyyyyyyy ka daghan uyyy….

  7. Marcus says:

    Sounds dodgy. I will be sure not to use them. I suggest always having a conversation with the affiliate manager before putting any effort in to helping their company!

  8. Charlene Miflores Agor says:

    I cend a lot of links. so sad 🙁

  9. bryan says:

    naturalpay maybe a scam!!,..i waste my precious time of this,..

  10. Monish Singh says:

    Fuck the scammers man

  11. I want you to register with teamfamuniversity at and you will get excited. This is not naturalpay, you can visit for more clearance. Never a dull moment.

  12. Bekeh Hyke says:

    Essien Ekpenyong , how can you say they are all scammers, you are very wrong on that. It's like saying Empower Network and Pure Leverage are scam. We have ones that are genuine. I am into pure leverage…read about it here

  13. Bekeh Hyke says:

    Emmanuel Piirong Read about Pure Leverage here

  14. We have gone ahead and included a backlink back to your website from one of my clientele requesting it. We have used your internet site URL: %BLOGURL% and blog title: %BLOGTITLE% to guarantee you get the correct anchor text. If you woud like to check out where your hyperlink has been placed, please contact me at: %EMAIL%. Thankyou
    Scam and Fraud

  15. Godwin Oteta says:

    which is one real

  16. Godwin Oteta says:

    which one is genuine

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