Quickteller: Alternative Ways Of Paying Your DSTV Bills Asides Bank

Cashless economy is already here. It has started in Lagos, and it will start in other part of Nigeria come January, 2013. In January, 2013 you will not be able to pay cash into DSTV account and thus you will need the other ways or alternative means of subscribing your DSTV.

For you not be found wanting, I have decided to post the various options available for you to pay your DSTV bills more easily and comfortably without paying charges when paying cash.


Yea, Quickteller offers the solution to the cashless economy. It is the platform that enable e-payments to different merchants of which DSTV is one of them. With quickteller, you don’t have to use cash to pay for services. All you need is your cards.  Presently, quickteller accept verve and Mastercard. If you have any of the above cards, follow the below steps to pay your DSTV Bill:

–  Log on to Quickteller website i.e. http://quickteller.com and register if you didn’t have an account with them

–  Scroll down and select DSTV Subscription from the Menu, Cable TV Bills

–  Select the plan you want to subscribe from the list of plans shown. If you really want to watch premier league with a low price, I will recommend you subscribe for Compact Plus. For Comparative analysis, you can check the various plans, packages and price. Select the plan you want to subscribe for and click Pay.

Remember, DSTV has five plans. The Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus and the Premium Plan. The Plan and the prices are well stated on the payment page on the Quickteller website.

Click on Pay when you have choosen the plan to pay for

–   Insert your Smart Card number and click on the Next as shown below

You can now click on the PAY button, it will connect you to the interswitch payment platform for you to use your card to pay. Remember, quickteller only accept Verve and Mastercard. You can now chose your card and pay.

If it is Mastercard, I recommended Zenith Naira Debit Mastercard. it will require your card number, your expiry date of the card, the card pin, and the CVV, Card Verification Value, i.e. the last last three digit at the back of the card for you to consummate the transaction.

After inputting the above data correctly, you will be given two alerts. One is from your bank prompting you that you have been debited the value you subscribed for. The other alert is the DSTV, telling you that you have successfully subscribe for the DSTV Plan. Isn’t this cool than queuing in the bank?

  • After Payment, remember to reset your account in case you were scrambled. You don’t need to call DSTV customer care, just send a text message, RA Smart Card Number to 30333
            i.e. RA 4xxxxxxxxxxxx to 30333

In the next post, we will be discussing other alternative to pay DSTV Bills other than going to the bank.

I hope you really enjoy the post.

You can do more on Quickteller than paying DSTV bills, you can

  • Pay for your airtime top up in any network
  • Pay your tax
  • Pay Airline Bills
  • Pay your school fees
  • Pay your Blackberry bills
  • and so much more
So friends, grap this excruciating opportunity and reduce the handling of cash in payment of bills.




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