Easy Way To Approve In Google Adsense And Make Money

I want to show you my readers how you can apply for Google Adsense and make money the same way I have been making in this blog. Google is a very strict Corporation that doesn’t accept flaws from Webmasters. So you need to avoid the below mistakes before applying to Google Adsense to optimize or enhance acceptance.

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Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Site under construction.
2. Not enough pages.
3. Not enough traffic.
4. Site that doesn’t comply with policy.

If you know that your website has comply with above stated mistakes, you can now apply for Google Adsense in your blog or website and starts making raw dollar.
The following are the steps you can take to apply for Google adsense for your website;

The Ordinary Step :

  • Having a Blog / Website with English dominant.
  • Choose Themes Blog / Website interesting and much-loved.
  • Preferably create a blog on Blogspot.
  • If you already have a Blog / Website, be sure it has not previously been made to enroll in Adsense.
  • Create and post an interesting articles of at least 10 posts.
  • Use GMAIL to sign up for Adsense email (be sure it has not been used to sign up for Adsense before).
  • Make sure you do not have an approved AdSense account before (multiple accounts).
  • Use Keywords much preferred, for example: Tips, Trick, Make Money Online, SEO, Health, etc..

Through Blogspot or Blogger

  • Create a blog at www.blogger.com 
  • Fill your blog with articles, of course articles that correlated with your blog title. You can find it using google.com and then do some modification on the article, to make it unique.
  • Try to publish 5-10 blog posts.
  • Then go to google adsense to register (http://www.google.com/adsense) or apply via the “Monetize” tab in the blogger dashboard.
  • Use your true identity don’t fake it, play it clean
  • Then wait, during waiting time, please keep updating your blog.
  • Make a blog post at least one per day.
  • Start promoting your blog, to get more visitor (easier via Facebook and Twitter).
  • Dont forget to Check your email. Usually the mail arrive within four working days.
  • If you got Approved, then you may put he adsense code in your blog, of course keep your blog updated too. and keep promoting your blog

If you are not approved, Please check your mail carefully, Pay attention to the reason why your blog got rejected. Correct all the mistakes and “ReApply” via step 4.
I hope this works for you. If you are still having problem with your registration, kindly let me know.

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