What to do after Updating your Qsat Q11G, Q13G and Q15g

I have been receiving emails from people complaining that their Qsat has not been broadcasting after the update. I have personally updated 3 receivers and it kick back to life in 3 minutes at most. So today, I want to post on what you should do after the update to effectively descramble the channels in your Qsat Receiver or Decoder.

qsat 15g

You might have updated your Receiver with the latest version before reading this post. After updating, your channels might be wiped. Your settings might be altered. Therefore, you need to set you device to its normal state to enable it descramble the DSTV channels.

Follow the below steps to Descramble Dstv Channels After Update

  • Set the Antenna. To do this, go to Menu, Click Antenna, it will prompt for password, input 0000, On Satellite, Choose Eutelsat 36A, 36. LNB Type should be Ku Band. Press the blue button to start scanning. The scan type should be Blind Scan.
  • Configure your Internet Settings. This can be done by going through Menu, Settings, Ethernet Config. Under Link type, choose GPRS. On Config, Area is Nigeria. Chose the network that is in the Receiver under the Operator, Check Auto Link and Link the network.
  • You will need to reactivate your Avatarcam code. To do this go to Menu, Settings, Xcam setup, AvatarCAmHD, Press the red button, Press the green button. If it shows your expiry date, you have successfully reactivated your code.

After doing the above three task, restart your decoder. Wait until it shows Network Connection Success. Have patience for 2 minutes, the premium channels will start showing.

Ensure you have data allowance in your sim card or you have credit like N50 in it.

I hope the above post helps


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  1. Mohammed Bashir says:

    Hi bro,
    I was upgrading my QSAT and it was about 95% Complete then NEPA took off their light.
    The QSAT is now shoing Blue screen with some figures about frequency.
    How do i need now?
    Kindly assist please.
    Thank you

  2. Kap Pereko says:

    Thanks man it worked finally. I had to change my network before it started to work.

  3. muyiwa says:

    hello pls i just send you an email now,pls how can i get the decoder through you and how much will it cost me and again i need more info about the qsat,it is after a year u upgrade it

  4. ALEX says:


  5. Nana Yaw Ansong says:

    hi bros,
    i've successfully updated my q13 decoder but can't watch any HD channel. Can u help, please?

  6. i hope dis time it ill work.

  7. Mwanza Jay says:

    Can't watch MYTV channels

  8. George says:

    Bro, I’ve done the upgrade but I can’t find xcam in setting. Pls help


  9. musty says:

    Is it possible to connect qsat direct with internet lag via vast modem and open channels?

  10. opsy says:

    i got a new q11 decoder and successfully installed it, but on the other day when i wanted to use it it did not give me quality and signal strenght level i.e it did not see the dstv cable. pls what can i do. i have tried all i could and it like a fault in the box.

  11. austin says:

    Barely 24 hours I updated mine “q13G” it is displaying bad signal, it did not see
    the dstv cable. pls what can i do?

  12. ty says:

    hi bro
    my q11g was previously on version 5, but it was not displaying d5tv channels, so i upgraded to version 6 and it is still the same. any idea on whats wrong?
    the network is ok bcos i was able to view my expiry date.

  13. austin says:

    Pls I do have a dish installed and in place since November last year. Dis issue of displaying bad signal started yesterday. What can be wrong sir?

  14. Bsurajo says:

    Any solution my q11g is only opening free to air bt not opening dstv from yesterday night

  15. My name is Joseph Sando Kollie from Liberia; I recently bought one of the QSAT Q13G decoder from Nigeria and brought it to Liberia. After the installation, it shows for few days and went off.The internet connection is working with the sim card from LoneStar MTN. As you said,I upgraded it to the recent software but the decoder setting does not have Xcam setup,AvatarCAmHD to update the expiry CODE.What can I do to get it showing again? Please help me.

  16. tafari says:

    hello,pls the dstv channels on my sat 11g decoder went off yesterday since in the evening and as at now their still not back. the decoder reboot by itself before the channels scrambled. what should I do and again I updated it with the current version(v6) too. pls help

  17. Olalekan says:

    please i did all but i cant get the Avatarcamhd code each time i try it says (can not get account…please try later…what could be the cause?…thanks

  18. Sunny Adex says:

    Pls After upgrading my Q11G Decoder, I watched for 2 days and since then it has been scrambled. After reading your write up, I also find out that the Eutelsat 36A, 36 does not have any signal on my decoder. What do I do?

  19. asuojnr says:

    Please i need help. In the course of upgrading my qsat 13, the lights went out which couldn’t allow the installation to finish. After 5minutes when the lights came back, i swiched the decoder on and it was not able to boot. it has written on the tv screen as ” download from TS” and some frequency and symbol numbers are required of me to enter into some spaces provided below. please what should i do since i have swiched it on and off severally but to know avail. Please help out

  20. please my qsat 11g is suffering from blue print. The lights went out when i was upgrading my decoder with the new v6 software. Now it says i should enter some frequency numbers of which i have no knowledge about. Guys please please please help me. What should i do?

  21. please help me solve that same problem. The number the othe guy gave you doesn't go through here in Ghana. please help me get the name of his city/town so that I can add the code and call him. please do help me

  22. Kingsley Okpoh says:

    Thanks for your good work here. Please how do I connect to the internet using QSAT 13G with a router? Are any special wireless routers for it or can anyone work with it? What settings do I need to do?

  23. hello bro im called kingsley from ghana west africa my qsat cut off please i need new software

  24. Jd Visa says:

    Is Qsat server down? Just asking

  25. Empire says:

    You guys are wonderful, very great helpers to us, keep it up, posterity will vindicate you, cheers.

  26. Vann says:

    I’m using Q11G. After upgrading the new version (6.03.81), My qsat did not come up. I deleted all channels & rescanned but yet it did not come up. What do I do ?

  27. ruddy says:

    i have X man G8, how do i pls update it since the updades here are only for Q-Sat.

  28. afunze says:

    after upgrading to v6.03.18 its showing me invalid at the bottom center when i press the info key. Is that normal pls?

  29. Nana Agyemang says:

    Can find the avatercamhd on my qsat 13g
    Any help from you please

  30. chidi says:

    I updated my qsat 11g to d latest software i was shoeing after that but after scanning my coder bcos some of the channels were not showing,it wrote on my screen scrambled channel and below the icons at the bottom it said invalid.when i tried activating it said also cannot connect to server but it did connect whn i changed the sim frm mtn to airtel but the invalid sign is still there and cannot watch any program

    • king baidoo says:

      hello esien,

      l just got Q sat 23 dongle and done all the installation based on my experience with Qsat 11. but unfortunately l can only watch FTA channels. it has not descramble even a single channel. there is also no Avatarcamhd icon to get the expiry date. help please.

  31. Richard says:

    I just procured the Q sat 15g with the latest software 6.03. I can only watch FTA stations. I tried checking my avatar accound the error message i get is unable to connect server.

    Also, how can i browse with the decorder and watch Youtube and IPTV on it.

  32. Holychild says:

    Please, can someone help me, I have upgraded to v6 but can’t activate the avatar camhd.

  33. Erico says:

    Please is qsat working

  34. chidi says:

    Please Mr Essien am do upgrade and light go off after that my Qsat 11 is showing me load so is not working anyone again. Please Help me for what do

  35. Wahid Sahel says:

    not supproted audio ac3

  36. nuchi says:

    Bro, I’ve done the upgrade but I can’t find xcam in setting. To reactive it,Pls help

  37. idris says:

    pls i need help my q13 s not workn and i hv try d new software pls asist me i don knw wat to do

  38. Jabiriali says:

    Hii oga! I have a FTA decoder ( HD MEDIA HM 9001s), can l watch d**v with it??? And if so what do l need to do? On the settings menu there is a plug in icon…. What’s the use of it? I need ur assistance….!

  39. vehisea says:

    for ur xcam type 1512 on ur setting/preference…..it ll work, then press ur red button. cheers

  40. My q 13 went off last night and is still not back, only CNBC News is showing. Please what can I do?

  41. dave says:

    i just downloaded the latest v6.005 after installing sucessfully to reboot now it is showing load on the decoder . it is unable to load

  42. Bawa A.A. says:

    hi everyone. my Qsat stopped working since yesterday, i hope it is not mine only. or does anyone has a solution? I have even upgraded to a it bit still no show.

  43. Wale says:

    Lemmy, pls I have a Qsat 13g (code 57***) which has not worked for close to 3months now. I checked to compare all the settings to the ones I have seen posted on this forum; and are all correct. I have scanned severally but only the FTA channels are showing: nothing more. It’s so frustrating that am considering to even throw it away self. Pls I need ur sincere help to solve this embarrassing problem. God bless U bro

  44. simon job says:

    please I just bought a qsat15g recently who can help me on how to do the setting to comence work.
    that is the full set up

  45. Mr Min says:

    My q13g is coded 411*********** I am not able to watch any dstv channels,iptv is working,avater is showing me after pressing red button expire date,network connection successfully after restart only FTAs are showing no dstv,after restat am told if its suceessful it brings to say“welcome to Avartter server u have so so days remaining.for me I have never seen that,its a new decoder 3days old,it has firmware v6mkindly help

  46. gham elvis says:

    hi boss
    good day good job you are doing over there am from Cameroon in bamenda.
    i love what you are doing, i just want to find out if Q13G can open MYTV channels. hope to get a feedback from you soon. God bless.

  47. gham elvis says:

    hi boss
    good day. how many satellites does Q13G opens. please may i know them i just know of dstv satellite only. thanks wait to hear from you soon. stay Blessed

  48. gham elvis says:

    hi boss
    good day good job you are doing over there am from Cameroon in bamenda.
    i love what you are doing, i just want to find out if Q13G can open MYTV channels. hope to get a feedback from you soon. here is my contact ghamelvis@gmail.com God bless.

  49. Mr Min says:

    Plz am asking for the Admins email address maybe contacting them directly they can help me

  50. thanks for ur help on qsat God bless u

  51. thanks for ur help on qsat God bless u

  52. Abdalla Buwe says:

    please help me (QSAT active ok but chenal scrabled pls pls help

  53. Abdalla Buwe says:

    please help me (QSAT active ok but chenal scrabled pls pls help

  54. Abdalla Buwe says:

    all active ok is showing expire date

  55. Abdalla Buwe says:

    all active ok is showing expire date pls pls help help

  56. what is haping to Azsky. since bought it for the pass three month now is not warking. ples halp ooooooo…

  57. Felix says:

    gud evin to u all pls since yesterday my q sat 13g can’t show dstv chanels pls can some time me what is rong also need help my email is ejovwonice@gmail.com

  58. Felix says:

    gud evin to u all pls since yesterday my q sat 13g can’t show dstv chanels pls can someone time me what is wrong also need help my email is ejovwonice@gmail.com

  59. Frank says:

    What is the very latest decoder in the Qsat series available in Nigeria which I can buy right away. The very latest pls!

  60. david says:

    Essien, please am really new to this Qsat stuff, but i wish to know more about setting it up in my house. like what i’ll need to buy and how to install it. thanks

  61. Adebayo says:

    I just want to know if its possible to use a 3g modem with qsat 13g. I have tried to use it but i get the message “no dongle device”. Please does anyone got the solution? Will be much pleased!!!

  62. lemar says:

    hi Mr. essien, my Qsat 11G has refused to show for the past four days now..it just displays the scrambled channel message, i downloaded and installed the latest software on it lastnight but all to no avail..pls help.

  63. Bernard says:

    does the procedure to descramble the channels also apply to those of us in Ghana

  64. jonhson says:

    Hello to you, I have a big problem with my QSAT Q11G.
    1 year 3 months that I’m lays,
    365 days were expired
    Now there is nothing more
    I am in Cameroon, please help me to reactivate




  68. bengasyl says:

    Hello chief, after upgrading , I changed to eusalat setting but after rebooting it will change back to Nilesat and no channels come up during scanning
    Also it showing bad signal . Nothing on the strength and the quality
    Please help out

  69. Stev - Ghana says:

    Please I have scan my QSATQ11G and some hd channels pup up but none of the is show (signal quality is 0). Can you post me the latest update to descramble the hd channels or offer me general assistance since it freeze, scramble channels, etc. Am waiting now.

  70. i want yr 2 send me the latest Q11 code

  71. No matter if some one searches for his required thing,
    so he/she wants to be available that in detail, therefore that thing is maintained over here.

  72. Adedeji Ige says:

    I have Qsat q11g which has stopped working for some time. I heard it is eorking well now and tried to put it on with mtn line on it. After following the whole processes here It fail to work as it is displaying “active failed, maybe the network has problem, please check your network cable or wifi” what else can I do to make it work? Your quick helpful response will help s great deal. Thanks?

  73. Alfred Quaye says:

    Hello my big bro !! How do I get the AVARTACAM CODE and the cost ? Very soon my qsat 13G will expire.Pls if it goes with a cost ,how do I pay?

  74. mok says:

    Kindly help,MyQ13Sat has ban off for 4days now,Wats going on?
    Pliz help

  75. Akin says:

    I’m in Nigeria my network link does not have Nigeria listed. which country can I choose

  76. Hello bro, i can't find my Xcam setup from the settings. I did a factory reset and noticed the xcam setup is not there. I use a qsat Q13G model.

  77. onyinyechi says:

    Sir, after upgrade my Qsat 11G with the new software, it shows network connection fail after few seconds it shows again network connection successful but the channels will not show anything, what shall do.

  78. Hello bro, my Q13G is not showing how do i solve the problem

  79. Hello bro, my Q13G is not showing how do i solve the problem

  80. tony duwamiya says:

    Hi bros,
    i have a q13g that is not working even after upgrading to the late software. It shows connection failed after powering it and later shows connection success but it does not show the days left to enable viewing the channel. i have tried all i can even through contacts but to no avail.
    Please help me with a solution to this problem.
    Thank you

  81. Engr Jay says:

    Hi bro thanks for all d info have done step one and two , for step three my system keeps displaying ” can not connect server, please try later” . have try other sim’s , as in all the networks, but same responds ….. Best regards ..

  82. Hi bro thanks for all d info have done step one and two , for step three my system keeps displaying " can not connect server, please try later" . have try other sim's , as in all the networks, but same responds ….. Best regards .

  83. FOLLYTOP says:

    Hello Lemmy, more grace to your elbow. i followed your outlined instruction on the upgrade and everything went well. Now my q13 decoder is up and running. All thanks to you.

    quick one please are there any adult channels available on iptv on Q13?

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