What’s next after publishing a Blog Post?

You have just finished writing a blog post. A scintillating post that can move your audience and yet it is not exposed, no comments and no reader. Then it really shows that content is not a King. There are certain rules or steps to follow after publishing your blog post. This post will guide you


After writing and publishing your post, follow the below steps:

1. Share it in Social Media

You cannot under estimate the power social media has on your post. After posting, you will need to share it to your friends in Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble Upon etc. Sharing it will enable your friends and readers to be aware that you have publish a new content on your blog.

I also encourage you to have a Social Media Sharing Bar on your blog to enable your readers to share it too after reading it.

2. Comment On A CommentLuv Premium Enabled Blog

Another important step you have to take is to identify commentluv enabled blog and start commenting. A commentluv premium blog will give the opportunity to share your new blog post to the readers and the owner of that blog.

Another important of commenting on a commentluv enabled blogs is that it will give you backlinks because it is a dofollow blog.

You have to follow the rule of commenting so that your comment will not be deleted. Solve a problem with your comment. Wow the audience so that they will click your link to know who you are

3.  Advertise Your Post

This is not compulsory but if you are actually selling and you really need readers, you need to advertise it. Thanks to Google and Facebook, you can target your advert to the audience you are looking for. You can use Google Adword, Facebook Advert, Nairaland and or contact a blog owner and advertize in his/her website to let people know about your post.

4.  Use A Newsletter

After publishing a blog post, you can send a Newsletter to your subscriber incorporating your blog post in it. This will enable them know that you have a new content in the site and it will this enable them to come to your website.

In as much as quality contents in necessary for a blog, exposure cannot be over-emphasized. Spend the same time you used in publishing your blog post on exposing, publicizing your post to your readers to enhance balancing and improved results in terms of traffic and making money blogging.

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